Now that the 8 Series has been revealed, one of the next big BMWs to debut will be the G20-gen 3 Series. The next-gen 3er is arguably the most important new BMW to debut since, well, the current F30-gen 3 Series. That’s because the 3 Series is BMW’s bread and butter, it’s the car that makes the brand most of its moneys. So this new 3 is going to need to be excellent, especially with all of its new and impressive competition.

Its new competition is also very good looking, with cars like the new Alfa Romeo Giulia, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Jaguar XE. While we don’t know exactly what the new 3 Series will look like, we have a pretty good idea due to seeing several spy photos. Motor1 recently took all of its spy photos of the 3 Series and made a render of what they think it will look like. And it’s probably pretty accurate.

This new render shows off what the new 3 Series will likely look like. The headlights meet with the grilles, like on the current F30 3 Series, but it’s far more cohesive than its predecessor. They also have little notches in the bottom of them, much like the E46 BMW 3 Series’, which we actually like quite a bit.

The rest of it seems to look a lot like the new G30 5 Series, which isn’t entirely surprising. Many of BMW’s modern cars have a same-sausage-different-lengths styling. Though, we’re not too upset with this as the new 5er is a handsome car.

Overall, it looks more handsome than the car it replaces. It’s not revolutionary or drastically different but it is better looking. We really like the headlights and it looks like a more well-rounded, cohesive car than the F30-gen 3 Series. It’s also probably going to be a more dynamic and exciting car to drive.