The BMW F30 3 Series model is nearing its end of production. Scheduled to finally call it quits in October, that means the new model will arrive later this year. BMW is in the final stages of testing for some of the G20 3 Series variants and we can now confirm that the new 3er will be adopting a new electrical system, using 48V instead of 12V as has been the case so far. This means the new 3er will be a so-called mild-hybrid, keeping up with the competition from Mercedes-Benz.

In case you didn’t know, the C-Class has been using this type of electrical system for quite some time now as it has obvious advantages. More models in BMW’s range will follow over the next few years, until the entire range, from the 1 Series to the 8 Series and the SUV counterparts will join in. That will allow BMW to drastically cut the weight of its cars as the electrical wiring will be lighter. Couple that with extended usage of even more lightweight materials and the G20 3 Series is shaping up to be quite slim compared to the outgoing model.

However, probably the bigger news confirmed by our source in Munich today is the power output of the first M Performance model in the 3 Series range. As we’ve been reporting over the last year, the new 3er will get two M Performance models which is both good and bad news. Basically, if you want a six-cylinder petrol engine in your 3 Series you’ll have to get the M340i as the rest of the engines will be 4-cylinder ones or even 3-cylinder alternatives.

The M340i will be using a more powerful version of the B58 engine. So far we guess the output to be around 360 HP but as it turns out, it will have 385 HP instead. That’s a noticeable change in power output and definitely hints at a 450 HP M3, at the very least. Furthermore, contrary to previous reports, it seems like it won’t be offered as an xDrive vehicle alone, but also in RWD guise but only with an automatic gearbox.