While the BMW M3 will be saying goodbye to the production line this October, the very similar BMW M4 will continue to be built until June 2020. That leaves a lot of room for those wanting to buy one but who aren’t just confident enough right now that it’s the right decision. Nevertheless, the M4 is still the top dog in its segment when it comes to track days and that’s especially true with the Competition Package, a conclusion the guys from Auto Guide arrived at in a rather curious way.

Craig Cole did a review on a BMW M4 in his typical fashion but this time around, for some reason, he decided to introduce us to the magical world of baking at the same time. He was trying to prove a point but the thing is, the point he was trying to prove is no longer valid. Saying that an Alfa Romeo Giulia QV is better than an M4 but that it will break down faster than it takes you to watch a recipe video online is not exactly true, even if it’s meant to be a metaphor.

Alfa Romeo models today are considerably more reliable than they used but when it comes to brand perception, some things take time to change in the collective mind of potential customers.

In the end, the guys enjoyed their time with the M4 and the pros and cons list shows it, with more items listed in the former category than the latter. Among them you’ll find the smoothness of the engine, the space you get inside and the fit and finish of the interior. On the other hand, the steering received a thumbs down as well as the overall pricing, something we can’t really argue with.