Back in late 2016 I wrote a piece introducing to the world a true one-of-a-kind F80 M3 in a color dubbed by BMW Individual as Blue Hera Mica Metallic – 1 of 1.

Since that post, folks have been dreaming of ordering their very own F80 M3 in this gorgeous blue color. One of our readers, Scott Smith from New York, saw the article, fell in love, stopped dreaming and started working on figuring out the ins and outs required to order his next F80 M3 in Blue Hera Mica.


Scott reached out to me, and after sharing some additional, mostly anecdotal thoughts with him on the color, I gave him all the info I had on this uber-rare BMW Individual color option. He took it from there doing additional research on his own, speaking with BMW North America and of course reaching out to his preferred BMW Dealership to secure an allocation for his beastly blue Bavarian. Long story short, Scott is the proud owner of the second Blue Hera Mica Metallic F80 M3 example ever to exist in North America!

Below you’ll find the order specifications on his M3, as well as the order/production timeline and modification list to the car:


  • Exterior – Hera Mica Blue Metallic (Blue Hera Metallic on the sticker)
  • Interior – Cohiba Brown Extended Merino Leather
  • Driving Assistance Package
  • Executive Package
  • 19” 437M Wheels
  • Manual Transmission



  • 11/28 – Color Requested
  • 12/6 – Wrong Color Approved – (BMW accidentally came back with Petrol Mica)
  • 12/15 – Right Color Approved
  • 12/21 – Status 102 – Special Order – Estimated PW18
  • 02/09 – Status 102 – Special Order – Estimated PW13 (Moved up to last week of March)
  • 03/05 – Status 112 – Scheduled for daily production pack – PW13 (as estimated)
  • 03/09 – Status 150 – Production Begins – Estimated Completion 03/29
  • 04/02 – Status 155 – Production Completed
  • 04/05 – Status 160 – Vehicle handover to Sales
  • 04/05 – Status 181 – Handover to distribution
  • 04/05 – Status 182 – Handover to carrier/load assignment
  • 04/16 – Status 190 – Dispatched from AG
  • 04/17 – Status 193 – Arrival at port
  • 04/25 – Status 195 – Shipped from port of exit – Assigned to the WWL Undine
  • 05/14 – WWL Undine has arrived at the Port of NY/NJ
  • 05/18 – Arrival at Dealership



  • Full Car SunTek PPF-C Clear Bra with Ceramic Pro coating on top, 40% SunTek Carbon Tint
  • BMW OEM Black Grills and Side Markers
  • Mode Carbon Trunk Spoiler
  • Status Gruppe Rear Diffuser
  • Status Gruppe Diffuser Extensions
  • Supreme Power Exhaust Tips
  • Painted front reflectors to match
  • Keyhole delete

What a journey! Scott was nice enough to keep us up-to-date on his order process, and now that he’s picked up delivery of his brand new M3, he sent us a beautiful gallery of photos he shot using his Nikon D810. NOTE – in the spirit of wanting to showcase the color of Blue Hera Mica Metallic, the photos have NOT been edited or altered by Scott or by us in any way. What you see is what the Nikon captured raw.

Hit the gallery below and check out the beautiful shots! Leave a comment and let us know what you think. Even better, if you have a favorite BMW Individual color, or a cool story you want to share with us about your order journey, share it with us!

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