Thanks to BMW Seattle, BMWBLOG is happy to bring you, a world first, one-of-a-kind custom Blue Hera Mica Metallic 2017 BMW M3.

Hera, Greek goddess of marriage and queen supreme of Olympus ruled above all other gods and goddesses with her hubby, Zeus. They were the original “power couple” of yore. Everyone knew not to mess with Hera, otherwise they’d end up with some terrible curse, or worse, a lightning bolt sent their way signed “from Zeus, with love.”

Blue Hera Mica Metallic BMW M3-50
Blue Hera Mica Metallic BMW M3-55 Blue Hera Mica Metallic BMW M3-44

Fast-forward to the present. You’re looking at building out a wicked F80 M3. You have your list of options, colors and trims. You put it all together on the BMW Configurator, you’re happy, but something is missing. Suddenly, you’re hit with a bolt (pun intended) of inspiration and you say to yourself – “this weapon of choice needs a BMW Individual custom color.” That’s exactly what someone did! Except maybe less Greek.

Blue Hera Mica Metallic BMW M3-38

Below you’ll find the full build list, which includes the $6,000.00 custom Individual Blue Hera Mica Metallic paint:

  • Base MSRP $64,000.00
  • Custom BMW Individual Blue Hera Mica Metallic Paint $6,000.00
  • Silverstone Full Leather $2,650.00
  • Competition Package $4,750.00
  • Executive Package $3,900.00
  • Lighting Package $1,900.00
  • DCT Transmission $2,900.00
  • Side/Top View Cameras $750.00
  • Carbon Fiber Selector Lever $305.00
  • Carbon Fiber Brake Handle $305.00
  • Carbon Fiber Center Console Cover $275.00
  • LED Door Projector $195.00
  • Destination Charge $995.00
  • TOTAL – $ 88,905.00

I have to say, my absolute favorite blue that BMW offered (and which you can still get, provided you go through the BMW Individual Program) was Le Mans Blue. But after seeing the Blue Hera Mica Metallic up-close, I have to say, it’s my new favorite blue, hands down.

Blue Hera Mica Metallic BMW M3-58

While the car was parked indoors in the BMW Seattle showroom under direct light, we noticed punchy, in-your-face blues. When we took the car outside, depending on the light, we noticed dark, navy-like shades and at times purple hues punctuated by metallic flakes. I live in Seattle, and our photo-shoot was plagued by rain, but we’ve included a ton of pictures in the gallery that include both indoor as well as outdoor shots, so be sure to check them out!

Blue Hera Mica Metallic BMW M3-53

This Blue Hera Mica Metallic M3 truly is unique. It’s rare that I’m able to type out “one-of-a-kind” and actually have it truly mean that. This really is 1 of 1, there is none other like it. As if the M3 needed any more goodies that would make heads turn, whoever ends up buying this blue beast will likely be the source of a lot of sore necks.

Blue Hera Mica Metallic BMW M3-25 Blue Hera Mica Metallic BMW M3-26 Blue Hera Mica Metallic BMW M3-27

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