The BMW i4 is coming. That much has been announced by BMW CEO Harald Kruger. However, we don’t know specifics. All we know is that BMW will be making an all-electric car dubbed the i4. Though, it seems as if the i4 will be some sort of sporty four-door coupe, an all-electric 4 Series Gran Coupe, to make a crude comparison. This is likely due to the BMW i Vision Dynamics Concept, which was a sporty four-door electric car.

In this new render from Motor1, we take a look at what the BMW i4 might look like if it were to basically just be a road-legal i Vision Dynamics Concept.

I’m probably in the minority but I really like the way the i Vision Dynamics car looks. It’s futuristic and exaggerative, with massive faux Kidney Grilles, squinty headlights and a very low profile. It looks both sporty and high-tech. Is it the prettiest car ever made? Of course not. But it’s cool. And this BMW i4 render looks very similar, almost identical even.

The only real differences between this render and the concept on which it’s based are the render’s more normal Grilles, real side mirrors and more realistic door handles. Oh, and it’s bright orange paintwork, which looks really good. My only complaint is that I think the final car should get the concept’s cartoonishly large Kidney Grilles that are connected in the middle. Aside from the Grilles, though, I wouldn’t mind if the BMW i4 ends up looking exactly like this render.

According to the Bavarians, the BMW i4 should pack over 400 miles of range and be quite quick. Considering that we won’t see it for a few years, those figures are certainly possible. We can’t wait to see what becomes of the BMW i4 and we do hope that it looks similar to this render.

[Source: Motor1]