After the 8 Series, the BMW Z4 is probably the next most highly-anticipated Bavarian product in the pipeline. Built in-joint with the upcoming Toyota Supra, the next-gen Z4 is going to be extremely interesting. We know that it’s going to be lighter than the current, and aging, Z4 and we know it’s going to have much more performance. But how is it going to drive? This new spy video shows the new Z4 tackling the famed Nurburgring quite well, though that doesn’t prove it’s going to drive well.

It does look good, though, doesn’t it? Compared to the old car, the new BMW Z4 looks compact, tight and sharp. The current Z4 looks a bit softer, more comfortable and more of a calm roadster. This new car looks chuckable and exciting. And that’s with heavy camouflage on, so we’re excited to see what it looks like without the swirly camo.

The new Z4 is based on a new sports car chassis developed with Toyota and it will be lighter, more rigid and, hopefully, more dynamic than the car it’s going to replace. It’s also going to get its own M Performance variant, the Z4 M40i, which will sport the brand’s now-ubiquitous B58 engine, which is a 3.0 liter turbocharged I6. All Z4 models will be automatic-only, which is a bit disappointing but at least it’s a great auto, being the same ZF-sourced eight-speed unit used in almost every BMW.

We’re also happy that the new Z4 is making the switch back to a soft-top, rather than the current car’s folding metal top. Soft tops not only look more elegant but they’re significantly lighter and less complicated. That not only lowers the car’s center of gravity, which in-turn improves handling, but it makes it more reliable. Sure, sound and temperature insulation aren’t as good on a soft-top but enthusiasts are happy to make that trade-off for better driving dynamics and long-term reliability.

The BMW 8 Series is the Bavarian that’s making more noise but many enthusiasts are actually more excited about the upcoming Z4, as it’s going to be significantly cheaper and more accessible.