There are so many exciting, upcoming BMWs in the pipeline. There’s the obvious 8 Series, the first-ever X3 M, the next-gen 3 Series and the BMW Z4. The latter is one of the most exciting and, for me at least, the second most exciting behind only the 8 Series. Not only is it the first ever car to be developed by the BMW/Toyota joint venture but it’s shaping up to be quite the looker. New spy photos have surfaced of the upcoming Z4 testing in the snow, curiously without a roof. (We don’t own them but they can be seen here)

From these photos, there’s really no new design features or details that we can make out. Basically everything we can see here, we’ve seen before, such as the new headlight design, the radical new Kidney Grille design and its built-in decklid spoiler. The latter, along with its wheels, brakes and exhausts, indicate that this test mule is the BMW Z4 M40i variant. However, these new photos are very close up, which allows us to see it really quite well. And, with the roof down, we can see how it looks the way it’s supposed to be driven. And it looks good.

Accurate-looking BMW Z4 Render

With the top down, the new BMW Z4 looks good, especially from its rear three-quarters angle. The driver sits just ahead of the rear axle, the idea place for a roadster, and it has a very short rear deck. It just looks like fun, even when it’s standing still. It’s also surprisingly small, which is a good thing as sporty roadsters are supposed to be, and it’s very low to the ground. Me likey.

While it’s nice to see the Z4 with its roof down, we do wonder why they’d be testing it that way in the freezing cold. Maybe to test its seatback air vents? Or maybe just because it’s fun. Either way, we’re glad people at BMW are mad enough to do so and these new spy photos really get us up close and personal with BMW’s next roadster.

[Source: Motor1]