It looks like the new M5 is gathering a lot of interest not only from enthusiasts but also from tuners. The market for tuning parts is huge when it comes to any M car but the M5 holds a special place. That’s because it allows the owner/driver to take up to four people with him or her while going out, without major consequences on the speeds the car can record. The footage below seems to suggest that some tuners already have kits for the F90 model.

The car we’re looking at here is wearing Gorilla Performance stickers and I think it’s safe to assume that if any fiddling has been done on its ECU map it was done by this company. It would be a surprise, to be honest, that the Russian-based tuner is the first one to come up with an upgrade for the F90 M5 but stranger things have happened. Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact figures and therefore have to rely on the video description to figure out what the 4.4-liter V8 under the hood is making.

However, the M5 is going up against here is a proper supercar – the Porsche 911 Turbo S – which is the most powerful and fastest car in the 911 range and one of the fastest the Porsche brand is offering today. It will do 100 km/h (62 mph) from standstill in under 3 seconds and it is considerably lighter than the M5, which comes with four fully-usable seats and a whole lot more metal to go around.

The two runs are done from a roll and the camera point is static, at the starting line, making it rather hard to figure out who won and by how much. However, we can definitely see the M5 hold its own against what is basically a race car in pedestrian clothing which suggests power outputs close to 700 HP.