BMW M850i ​​xDrive will come with over 500 hp

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BMW 8 Series Coupe 4 830x553

While the new BMW G15 8 Series is currently being tested around the world, new information about the top model M850i has reached us. Although …

While the new BMW G15 8 Series is currently being tested around the world, new information about the top model M850i has reached us. Although the M Performance version of the 8 Series Coupe and Convertible will be in the shadow of the M8, the top 8er will bring some exciting technology and performance for its customers.

While current M Performance models with the V8 TwinTurbo deliver well under 500 hp, the BMW M850i ​​is going to offer 530 hp at the start, therefore forging ahead in a new performance league for the everyday positioning of M-tuned models.

BMW 8 Series Coupe 8 830x553

Like most other M Performance cars, the BMW M850i will also be fitted as standard with all-wheel drive xDrive. Thanks to the powerful increase in performance, the V8 twin-turbo could be strong enough to accelerate the BMW M850i ​​xDrive from 0 to 100 km/h in under four seconds. Many customers will therefore receive an exciting alternative to the M8, which promises even more dynamism, both technically and visually.

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The role of the BMW M850i ​​xDrive is clearly defined: Great performance in everyday life, but without the disadvantages of a consistent race track orientation. While the BMW M8 is also supposed to impress with lap times and should at least be on the level of the new M5, lap times do not play any significant role for the M850i ​​target group.

Regardless of the engine, the new BMW 8 Series G15 will become a luxury coupe that leaves virtually nothing to be desired. Onboard, the four occupants will not only enjoy exclusive materials and first-class workmanship, but also the advantages of the new BMW iDrive 7.0 infotainment system. Features such as two large displays with pin-sharp resolution and a full-color head-up display with large display area are self-explanatory, while numerous assistance systems will relive the driver of monotonous long-distance driving.

As BMW boss Harald Krüger has already confirmed several times, the BMW 8 Series will celebrate its market launch this year. The BMW 8 Series Convertible, which will also be available as an M850i ​​xDrive, will join the coupe soon after.

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8 responses to “BMW M850i ​​xDrive will come with over 500 hp”

  1. Icebreakerr says:

    will there be 860 V12

      • M. says:

        Let’s be realistic.
        Merc is killing its V12 offerings because of many reasons, while M760 is paused.
        And because the platform of the 8 won’t do any good with such a heavy engine, my bet is they won’t use it. Also, as long as the M5 has 600 at the wheels with the V8, the M8 using a similar engine will post an advertised 650+, you know… to keep it under the radar. So, I suppose pushing 700+ at the crank is better and less expensive than updating the V12.

  2. Kaisuke971 says:

    Makes sense, 530hp is a good figure to go at cars like the V8 DB11 and the upcoming Continental GT V8. I assume there’ll also be a regular 850i with about 450hp, since some V8 mules didn’t have the M Sport pack. But maybe they should call the M Performance version M855i ?

  3. Senne says:

    That’s very interesting. This would mean that the M8 should have at least 650 HP (advertised). Dyno results showed that the M5 is actually making close to 700 HP to the crank, so the M8 would also have to make more than that. Very exciting stuff, can’t wait. :D I really, really hope it will get M xDrive though. Is this confirmed yet?

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