2018 BMW M5 Faster Than Tesla Model S P90D in Instrumented Test

BMW M5, News | February 14th, 2018 by 56
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The new BMW M5 is set to rewrite the rules of performance sedans. When BMW offered select members of the press the chance to test …

The new BMW M5 is set to rewrite the rules of performance sedans. When BMW offered select members of the press the chance to test a prototype last year, most of them were excited about what they experienced. The same enthusiasm continued when the first press tests took place late last year, ourselves included. It’s pretty clear that we have a winner on our hands here but up until now, nobody did a proper instrumented test to check the figures claimed by BMW on paper.

It turns out the first guys to do so were the people over at Car and Driver and their results are astounding. According to them, this is the fastest sedan they ever tested and it wasn’t far off from some really fast supercars. In the 0-60 mph test they recorded a run of just 2.8 seconds while the trap speed in the 1/4 mile run was reportedly 129 mph at 10.9 seconds. And if you thought the Tesla Model S P90D, the M5 is just as fast to 60 while it outruns the EV at speeds over 100 mph.

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That’s some serious performance coming from the new M5 which has far more modest claims on paper. Furthermore, getting it in RWD mode shows exactly why BMW decided to switch to AWD for the new generation. Car and Driver claims that without power going to all four corners of the car, the 0-60 mph time recorded was a considerably slower 3.6 seconds. The main problem here though was keeping the 553 lb-ft of torque in check.

Compared to its main rival, the E63 S from Mercedes-AMG, the M5 is also lighter on its feet by 299 lbs and that translates into a better driving experience at the edge. On top of that, the Bimmer is also faster in a straight line and offers feedback through the steering wheel for a change, something that was seemingly forgotten by other manufacturers these days.

56 responses to “2018 BMW M5 Faster Than Tesla Model S P90D in Instrumented Test”

  1. Kaisuke971 says:

    The F90 M5 is the first petrol-powered stock factory sedan to break both the 3s to 60mph and the 11s 1/4 mile marks. Those numbers are in super sport car (GT-R, NSX, 911 Turbo S, R8 V10 Plus, 570S…) territory: madness.

    And this is just the BASE model, a competition pack is right around the corner… What a car

  2. Davis Silvestrs says:

    Tesla P100D did the 1/4 mile @125 mph, this M5 did it at 129mph, does it mean the M5 was faster through the 1/4 mile?

  3. Mike Barnard says:

    Oh, how cute! Comparing the BMW to a lesser Tesla! That’s sweet.

    Still crushed by the P100D.

    • DSK says:

      Teslas are garbage though.

      • steve m says:

        DSK, if a P100D does 0 to 60mph in 2.28 seconds some half second faster then the M5 what does that make a BMW?

        • Kaisuke971 says:

          Stop embarrassing yourself. The Tesla’s build quality is on par with a 1 Series, it just about corners as fast as an X5 M, it loses juice at 120mph (the M5 was slower on the 1/4 but trapped higher), it can’t go fast for long before going into limp mode and again that’s only in a straight below 120mph and with the price difference between the M5 and the P100D i could make it run low tens if not high nines. And it’ll keep going

          We’re talking real cars here, complete packages. Not a bêta test whatever thing

        • Davis Silvestrs says:

          Tesla is only good for 0-60 launches
          M5 walks away from the P100D after 60 mph
          Plus you can only do a few launches on the tesla until the battery runs out

          • manuelf says:

            Exactly. I’ve met so many Tesla S 90/100D on german Autobahn… I am just driving a F82 Comp. But none of them could follow me. After less than 1000m full throttle, they disappear in my rear mirror! They don’t have any highspeed capability nor can they sustain full throttle for longer time (more than a minute). They overheat and go to limp mode. What a hilarious trash.

        • disqus_8YchtRit8p says:

          1st & best supercar sedan.

  4. Eddie says:

    Wow, it shows you in just a short time of existence, Tesla just as fast as 100 year old BMW!

    • disqus_NdrthOMZ62 says:

      Tesla are fast like Bugatti do top speed – both run out of juice.

    • Senne says:

      What a lame argument. Tesla’s are all electric (no shit), they have all the torque available from 0 RPM. They give them batteries with a ton of HP. So naturally it’s gonna be fast 0-60.

      The M5 is WAY faster anything above 100 MPH and can be tuned to be even faster. You can just refuel in 2 minutes and continue your journey in the utmost luxury, comfort and driving pleasure.

      Tesla’s don’t drive well, they have no steering feel, only fast 0-60 and run out of juice very quickly if you push hard. They ain’t fast around a track (that’s if they can even do a full lap lol).

      The M5 is a supercar in a luxurious-sedan-package. It’s CRAZY. Build quality can’t even be compared. Materials are top notch, infotainment is the best in the business, by far and has been perfected over the years. All other manufacturers started copying their approach to infotainment.

      Tesla uses cheap materials, has very little insulation, isn’t even close to as comfortable.

      The M5 also looks WAY better and is just superior in every single way. It’s probably not even worse for the environment, because the way Tesla produces cars is EXTREMELY polluting. It’s a well-known fact that Tesla is the most polluting brand actually. Think about that. You give up so much to feel like you’re good for the environment, but then again, you ain’t.

      Also the sound of that V8… I could go on and on. The M5 is a masterpiece plain and simple. The Tesla isn’t a bad car. But in comparison… Well you simply shouldn’t compare because it’s an insult for BMW and for the M5.

  5. Scott Campbell says:

    Can u imagine what a 5th, 6th generation Tesla will do in innovation! Tesla is an expensive luxury vehicle with minimal maintenance plus fill up free at home with solar panels. No gas or petrochemical odors.

    • Davis Silvestrs says:

      Minimal maintenance until the warranty runs out
      After that you dispose of your Tesla and go to the dealership to purchase the new model

      • Eddie says:

        Recent YouTube 300,000 mile Tesla Model S vs MB SClass 300,000 mile costs taxi service LA to Vegas. $10,000 Tesla vs $90,000 maint. MB. Yes, typically $100,000 cars are costly to maintain and repair as parts are $1000’s vs $100’s for Honda Civic’s. Ice cars 2000 moving parts, EV’s 20 moving parts with only 3 engine moving parts. How old is your pool filter pump or your garage door electric motor. Even at 300,000 miles Tesla’s able to hold at least 93% charge. Their power train could easily last 1 million miles. The Leaf, Bolt, BMW I 3 batteries are air cooled not liquid cooled like Tesla. Tesla has a 8 year/unlimited mileage on their power train. Batteries will even be cheaper in 8 years. Even if you bought a new battery(replaced in 90 seconds) the $10,000 cost would be paid off in 3-4 years with gas/oil savings. Once Tesla batteries only hold 75% charge, you can use them in your house for at least 10 years as energy storage.(Phase 2). Phase 3 is when you sell the battery back to the gigafactory to be 97% recycle. The batteries have a 3 phase life.

    • disqus_NdrthOMZ62 says:

      Or 1st generation Model 3, 2nd generation Roadster.

    • Pictor says:

      Luxury only in price. Tesla is a different car. Comparisons are just as silly as comparing a Bentley to an M3. Have you seen Tesla’s advertised Nordschleife (Nürburgring) lap times? No? That’s because the car isn’t a performance car. It’s a car for a different purpose and any comparison to super cars is just plain silly. Tesla’s aren’t luxury cars, they lack amenities often found in $50k USD cars. Want heated rear seats? Sure Tesla has that, just ask the driver to activate them because the rear passengers don’t have buttons. Want a heated steering wheel on a Model 3? Nope. Want leather or colors that are unique? Nope. HUD? Nope. Luxury? I think not. Tesla also seems to be losing ground in the autonomous area with it’s breakup with Mobileye. What Tesla has done is to push the industry and it is a disruptor but its hype is overblown but I do wish them well. I really do. I want Tesla to succeed but they have a long way to go from where they are now. I cross shopped Tesla S’ and X’ and really wanted to buy into it several times and on three occasions I walked away buying another brand because the Teslas I looked at where all $90,000 – $110,000 cars with $40,000 car interiors. I’m willing to pay a premium but that’s a big premium for a heavy (even by G30 standards) sled.

  6. Chris Llana says:

    Re the rivalry between Tesla and BMW — different strokes for different folks. Interesting to note that Porsche is beginning their push toward electric in a big way, and working to ensure their electric cars will be track-ready. Electric is where the world is headed.

  7. Hanz says:

    P90D? Really? That’s so 2015. In other news: Tesla Model 3 is quicker than BMW M1.

  8. Eddie says:

    Euro7 is around the bend do electric and electrified is the only way. All that polluted air from China, India, and Europe ends up in everyone’s backyard increasing healthcare costs. Jobs over environment now but Mother Nature will reverse the process herself if mankind does nothing. 9 million people die/year from air pollution.

  9. Scott Biden says:

    This is insane. I can’t imagine how a Comp Pack paired with a tune would perform!

  10. Brooks Weisblat says:

    hah, that’s funny, let’s compare it against a 2 year old Tesla that’s not made anymore…. :) P100D will kill it…

  11. Majestic12 says:

    Hahaha. BMW people still hanging on to ancient stinking ICE cars and comparing it to an old Tesla. Haha. And off course they start whining about quality of building. Funny how change comes with same resistance acceptance cycle. Just keep fighting.

  12. Crcr says:

    AMG E63S does 0 to 60 in 2.7 Sec.
    Also it’s much more luxury interior and has much better sound then m5

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