The BMW M1 is the one car that started it all and the sole model in BMW’s history which can be described as a “supercar”. Developed in collaboration with Lamborghini, the M1, as the name suggests, was the first M car to wear the most powerful letter in the world on its boot. It was also the one car used in the special Procar series where Formula 1 drivers would challenge touring car pilots to see who’s best on the track.

Needless to say that those attributes alone should make the M1 a most-desirable car and one that asks a hefty premium from any potential owner. However, once you chip in the fact that only about 400 of them were ever sold in street-legal guise and that the one we’re looking at here is a special AHG Studie edition you start realizing that the $930,000 price tag asked for it is not exactly too high.

The car, shown in the pictures here, has had only one owner so far according to the ad and it is one of only 10 ever made with a wide body kit. Furthermore, it is the only one BMW put together using this exact design so breaking the bank for it might be justified. It was owned by AHG director Peter Gartemann and underwent a complete restoration in 2017, covering the transmission, oil catch can, gas tank, water pump, new hoses and a new suspension.

However, the paint is original and in perfect shape, the few stone chips having been painted to make sure everything’s in order. The pictures suggest new brakes were installed as well, for that perfect experience behind the wheel. Still thinking $930,000 is a lot? Well, if you can afford it, this beauty is almost guaranteed to go up in value over the next few years so you might want to keep that in mind.