We recently talked about Evolve Automotive’s BMW M2 GTS project, which is exactly as it sounds. They attempted to take an M2 and give it the same treatment as an M4 GTS, thus making an M2 GTS. When we saw it last, it was completely finished, wrapped in white and painted by artists, as a homage to BMW’s Art Cars. Before they painted it, though, they decided to take it to the track to see how it handled after all of its suspension, aero and performance upgrades.

On the outside, you can clearly see that their M2 GTS is seriously influenced by the M4 GTS. It has a custom-designed carbon fiber front lip that’s basically a shrunken version of the M4 GTS’, and the same goes for the hood and the rear wing. All of that aero is functional and should help it handle a bit sharper and more aggressively on track. That aero is also combined with a lowered suspension and sticky Michelin summer tires, so it should be a pretty dynamic little car.

Under the hood, the 3.0 liter turbocharged I6 engine has been given a 50/50 methanol/water-injection system, similar to that of the M4 GTS, as well as a new downpipe and an exhaust from Supersprint. So not only can the engine breathe better but its meth-injection system gives it more power.

On track, it certainly handles well, with little body roll and sharp steering. Although, it does have a bit of understeer on corner entry. That’s likely due to just its suspension setup and can be dialed out with some tuning. Maybe some camber adjustments would help rid some of that understeer.

It also sounds good, the M2 GTS. That Supersprint exhaust is actually one of the better sounding setups we’ve heard on the M2. It’s throaty and angry without sounding too artificial, like so many modern exhausts do.

Overall, the BMW M2 GTS looks good and seems to have some serious performance potential. It’s since been painted by artists and looks very interesting but, mechanically, the M2 GTS is an impressive build.