The BMW Z8 was an icon when it was launched and not much has changed in the meantime. As a matter of fact, as time went by, its value only went up, becoming one of the most desirable classic BMW models in the world, with prices usually reaching and even going over the $200,000 limit. Doug DeMuro recently had one on his hands and, after telling us all about the BMW M760i, he did the same thing with the Z8, explaining why it’s worth so much money.

To me, the answer is pretty simple but then again, I am biased when it comes to the Z8 as it has been my dream car ever since I was a teenager. It is the design of the thing that attracts you at first, being penned with the help of none other than Henrik Fisker. It has a minimalist feel to it and that’s true for both the exterior and interior, the styling simply being timeless in my book. Then again that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Under that beautiful sheet metal hides almost an entire BMW E39 M5, one of the fan favorites when it comes to cars developed by the Motorsport division. Its S62 4.9-liter V8 was taken straight from the M5 and it is the best sounding V8 engine BMW ever made. That said, the engine alone should be enough to get your mouth watering thinking about the possibility of owning or at least driving such a car in the first place. Considering only about 5,700 of them were ever made, the chances of that happening are slim, at most.

Then there are all these other quirks the car comes with, all of them presented by Doug in the rather lengthy video below. Some of them I didn’t know about like the fact that the hardtop came with a rack of its own, which is on wheels and has a cover with the ‘Z8’ logo on it. That’s just one of the new things I learned watching this 26-minute video. It was definitely worth it.