Best BMW for a long-distance road trip

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Who doesn’t love a great road trip? A grand tour, if you will. Thousands of miles to your destination, all the time in the world …

Who doesn’t love a great road trip? A grand tour, if you will. Thousands of miles to your destination, all the time in the world to get there and a great car to drive while doing it. It’s every car enthusiast’s dream. The destination doesn’t even really matter. In fact, sometimes the best road trips are ones without actual end-game destinations but rather open-ended ones. The only real question is — which car do you choose? Being BMW enthusiasts, it’s likely we’d all choose some sort of BMW.

But BMW has an incredible history of making truly great grand touring cars, cars you’d want to spend thousands of miles in, at high speed and in style and comfort. It’s almost too difficult to choose just one. Plus, it’s Friday and time for weekend fun to start. So let’s play a little bit of a game. Pick one car from BMW’s current lineup and one classic BMW (any car that is no longer being developed). Money is no option. I’ll go first and then you readers let us know which cars you’d choose in the comment section.

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The car I’d choose from the current lineup is the ALPINA B7. Some might think that’s a big of a cheat because it’s technically not a full-on BMW. However, it’s sold through BMW with a full warranty, so it’s counts. After having spent a week in the B7, recently, I fell in love with it. It’s an astonishing machine that’s equal parts luxury sedan and destroyer of worlds. Never in my life have I ever felt something that was so luxurious yet so ferociously quick. It’s fun to drive through twisties, as well. So if I were to come across a nice canyon road, it won’t disappoint. It might not be scalpel sharp the trade off is that it will also be supremely comfortable when I want to just calmly cruise and listen to the wonderful Bowers & Wilkins surround sound.

For my second, and classic, car, I’d go with the BMW 507. I was tempted to go with the Z8 here, to be honest, but the 507 is the epitome of a BMW grand tourer. It’s achingly pretty and just seems like the most romantic car to drive long distances in. It has a rumbling V8 up front, a manual gearbox in the middle and drive going to the rear. It’s also comfortable and supple, so long stretches of road won’t be taxing in the slightest. I also wanted to go first-gen 8 Series but the 507 is just that much prettier, that much more romantic.

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So, fine readers, what do you think of my choices and which cars would you choose?

8 responses to “Best BMW for a long-distance road trip”

  1. maxnix says:

    2800CS. Been there, did that.

    Looking forward to a tour out west in my 335is.

  2. Anon says:

    I used an e39 to drive 1000 miles per day each way to see the recent eclipse and it was a breeze. (E38 comfort seat swap)

    I would gladly take a G30 or G12 with massaging/ventilated seats.

  3. Jason says:

    I drove my E90M ~1200 miles over 3 days when picking it up from South Carolina… it was an absolute joy. However out of today’s BMWs, I’d want one of the Dinan “package” cars like an M550 or even X5M

  4. Mathis Haas says:

    long distance? for me and in Europe there is nothing better rounded than my F15 X5 3.0d, I can go for +1100km before I need to refuel and its a great long distance car. My first BMW was an E46 323Ci convertible and this was when I still lived in the US and I went with it once from West Virginia to North Carolina the whole trip top down – so that is my out of production choice…

  5. Hugo Becker says:

    Agile, comfortable, quick – room for two plus luggage, capable of handling Alpine passes with aplomb. I wanted a car meeting those requirements (and one more – since the skinny wife has a bad back, it had to be easy for her to get in and out of it). Since I’m in the midwest and we escape to the mountains, it has to be able to deal with the passes at 11,000 ft – turbocharging is a plus. And it has to be a driver’s car – engaging and honest in responses and feedback. An inline 6, or V12 are ideal (V6 slightly less so – V8 is fourth choice).

    Aston Martin DB5 – but not enough conveniences now (and too stinking expensive ; -). So I’ll make do with the BMW 135i.

  6. Elisabeth G says:

    A bit late but soon Friday again…
    I would choose our current car, an E71 X6 that was our dream car since 2008 and it hasn’t changed since the dream came true in 2013. It is well proved as well, as we have done several roadtrips ranging from 12 hours straight without stopping, to 6000 km in 10 days. The amazing thing is being able to get out of the car even after 12 hours and feel quite good, completely without aches even for my husband with a very bad back.

    For a current car, definitely the G32 6 series GT. As the current X6 doesn’t have the same impact as the old we have been looking for something to replace our 2,2 ton baby sometime in the future and after borrowing the GT for 220 km, we are sold.

    This makes me long for a real roadtrip!

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