This weekend we were in Lisbon, getting a feel of what the BMW X2 brings to the table in an increasingly crowded SUV market that wants to cater to every need you could possibly have. The X2 proved to be quite an entertaining ride and the marketing department wanted to emphasize the fact that it can handle the twisty, narrow city streets of Lisbon with ease. To this aim, BMW filmed a short clip in the capitol city of Portugal, showcasing the X2 racing a roller skater.

The video itself doesn’t necessarily have a narrative or a plot, but was put together more likely to put the X2 in its natural habitat and show it in a decor that will normally house it over its lifetime. The X2 is expected to be quite popular with a younger demographic that’s in tune with every city’s beating heart and quite in tune with the latest trends. The X2 is also appealing to those looking to express themselves through their car choice, by breaking the norm.

And that’s most likely going to influence a lot of new owners as the X2 is not, by any means, a ‘normal’ car. It’s a crossover, or a Sports Activity Vehicle by BMW’s naming conventions and it aims at hitting the right spot for younger owners. They are also those who tend to practice sports involving roller blades, skateboards, surf boards and others of the like. The video below plays right into those tunes.

Until we get to see the first BMW X2 models on public roads, we tested a couple of press cars and we’ll publish our thoughts in the following hours. Compared to the X1, the X2 felt more aggressive in its setup, more planted and agile, no matter the engine under the hood. In the US, people will get a choice between an all-wheel drive xDrive28i model and a FWD version under the sDrive28i name.