BMW invited a number of press representatives from around the world to Lisbon this weekend, to check out the brand new BMW X2 in the metal before the car goes on sale. We were there too but until we finish polishing off our full review of the car, others have already put together their take on it and published it already. The guys from Auto Express in the UK are among the first to have the X2 showcased on their Youtube channel and it looks like they enjoyed the car.

The X2 comes to fill a gap between the X1 and X3 model, just as all other even-numbered X models do throughout the range. Like the X4 and X6, the X2 is a more stylish and sporty alternative to its more practical alternative and, according to BMW, it appeals to a younger, more active and dynamic demographic altogether. The X2 therefore has a styling that cuts into the functional side of things, to make everything else look better.

The roof cuts into the headroom in the back and that’s basically the biggest difference compared to the X1. The sloping roof line means that two people at 6’2″ can sit behind one another comfortably but the one in the back might find headroom to be insufficient. However, that’s about the only place where you’ll actually notice a drawback. Sure, the boot is also 35 liters smaller but that doesn’t mean that much considering the overall size of the thing.

However, the X2 does have an edge over the X1 in certain key areas. BMW set it up to offer a firmer ride and a better overall experience behind the wheel. Admittedly, diesel engines are the best choice for a car that is supposed to get your heart racing but then again, they are frugal and powerful enough. The xDrive20d model Auto Express tested comes with a 2-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine making 190 PS and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque and it is the best selling engine BMW currently makes exactly thanks to its great attributes.