As BMW chairman of the board for the last three two years, Harald Krüger was faced with many challenges during his tenure, from the industry-wide diesel issues in Europe to electrification of the fleet and fierce competition from new and old automakers.

However, in an interview with the German Manager Magazin that the 53-year-old Krüger confidently announces its intention to replace the market leader Mercedes as the most successful premium brand by 2020.

“In 2020 we will be number one again, even if it will not be a walk,” says Krüger. In 2016, BMW was the leader in a direct comparison of sales figures. In 2017, Mercedes was able to build up a lead of around 200,000 vehicles sold.

Krüger intends to implement its sales targets with, among other things, a comprehensive model offensive. In addition to the massive luxury SUV BMW X7, the new lifestyle BMW X2 will help boost sales.

The strategic realignment of the BMW Group is already taking place behind the scenes. They want to accelerate the transformation of the group “into a customer-centered mobility company and a tech group,” says Krüger.

It is obvious that the Chairman of the Board of Directors also encounters resistance with his plans within the Group. He does not see a problem in it: “Maybe some underrated me,” said the BMW boss, “I can be tough and consistent anyway.”

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