BMW boss Harald Krüger: “Maybe some underestimated me”

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As BMW chairman of the board for the last three two years, Harald Krüger was faced with many challenges during his tenure, from the industry-wide …

As BMW chairman of the board for the last three two years, Harald Krüger was faced with many challenges during his tenure, from the industry-wide diesel issues in Europe to electrification of the fleet and fierce competition from new and old automakers.

However, in an interview with the German Manager Magazin that the 53-year-old Krüger confidently announces its intention to replace the market leader Mercedes as the most successful premium brand by 2020.

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“In 2020 we will be number one again, even if it will not be a walk,” says Krüger. In 2016, BMW was the leader in a direct comparison of sales figures. In 2017, Mercedes was able to build up a lead of around 200,000 vehicles sold.

Krüger intends to implement its sales targets with, among other things, a comprehensive model offensive. In addition to the massive luxury SUV BMW X7, the new lifestyle BMW X2 will help boost sales.

The strategic realignment of the BMW Group is already taking place behind the scenes. They want to accelerate the transformation of the group “into a customer-centered mobility company and a tech group,” says Krüger.

It is obvious that the Chairman of the Board of Directors also encounters resistance with his plans within the Group. He does not see a problem in it: “Maybe some underrated me,” said the BMW boss, “I can be tough and consistent anyway.”

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19 responses to “BMW boss Harald Krüger: “Maybe some underestimated me””

  1. anotheran says:

    No where in “into a customer-centered mobility company and a tech group” did I read motoring, passion, or driver centric. Guess they want us drivers to move on up to Porsche.

    • Surya Solanki says:

      I think Krueger is a lot more serious about BMW M than his predecessor. Under his tenure, BMW M has finally decided to go up against AMG properly with a line-up of CS/GTS models and there are also talks about a more powerful i8.

      • M. says:

        Dude, let the Mercs alone. They’re pigs. The only cars from both brands that are on par, are E Class and M5, otherwise you cannot put a C63 after an M4 because there’s a 200kg difference.

        The CS/GTS and eventually CSL – which better be very good in order to keep the value of what a CSL car means, are targeted with little to no success to GT3/GT3 RS (thinking about performance). They created the business case and this is all it means for them (this being purely only my point of view). To create a GTS which is better than a GT3 RS they need a dedicated platform, but this is not a good business case – you know, the image, the value of a GTS is no way that high. So, if this sells as it is, that’s perfect.

        Thinking of a CSL and keeping in mind that the E9 3.0 CSL worked its magic against Porsches and Fords, BMW should manage to build a very good future CSL even if they’re loosing money on short term.

    • Max says:

      And we all know why! The future isnt about that, and I hate it but its the dark truth.
      People will be driven by cars not the other way around. I am a big petrol head myself and will carry on driving my E30 as long as I can, but saying motor, driver and passion are attributes for the future would be blind. I hardly believe it will stay like it is at the moment…
      So what can we do? Lets enjoy our present with all the M car options we have (or will get with the next models) as long as we can!

    • Hinu says:

      Lucid, Polestar etc… BMW is slowly killing itself and if they follow in this direction they’ll be replaced by new companies that value real driving pleasure and sharp handling packed in comfort and luxury competing in the same price range.

  2. SydneyBlue120d says:

    I’d like to reccomend do Mr.Krüger to read and follow just one book:
    Focus – Al Ries.

  3. Giom says:

    Talk is cheap. Being a corporation CEO isn’t. There’s a reason why he is where he is. I’m just glad it’s not my ship to steer…

  4. Roland Renno says:

    If Mr. Krüger wants to overlap Mercedes-Benz, I simply suggest the followings:

    1- Decrease engine capacity of BMW M5 and M6 from 4.4 to 4.0.
    2- Build a supercar like AMG GT and McLaren SLR.
    3- Stop using 6.75 litre V12 engines, and go for V8.
    4- Build M Power turbo-charged 4-cylinder engine for the M2.

    Mercedes-Benz AMG was way behind BMW M in the 90s, but that’s not the case anymore.

    • U.N. Owen says:

      AMG were independent in the ’90’s, Mercedes couldn’t compete with M, had to go to Cosworth for engines. BMW will not get their 50% increase in volume following your suggestions, thus autonomous & BEV future.

      • Roland Renno says:

        Well I’m not into economics/marketing, but the way BMW are going is too commercial. The sportive spirit has gone long time ago, since BMW withdrew from F1.
        Dr. Mario Theissen, Werner Laurenz, Paul Rosche, etc… were BMW pioneers and achieved success in every motorsport platform, DTM, ALMS, and F1. The brand’s image was WAY more admired and desired than today.
        Sales were sky-rocketing, and BMW products were almost ahead of Mercedes-Benz and Audi. But that didn’t last until those so-called Board Directors decided to go another route, and began chasing the Huyndai i-series.

        I’m a BMW fan but I admit that Mercedes-Benz AMG and maybe Audi are ahead.

        • U.N. Owen says:

          BMW M are almost always s development of existing volume models. You don’t seem to know much about the company, they outsold Mercedes for a decade. And “too commercial” is not only why there are doing record volume, but also increasing R&D on new technology, expanding existing factories & building new ones. The other companies are brands of much larger corporations. BMW are the last independent, they will only stay that way pursuing profitable volume. BMW came back from bankruptcy on a 4 cyl. sedan. They bring “sportive spirit” to whatever segment they compete in.

          • Roland Renno says:

            I don’t agree with you. And yes I know much about BMW and had access to resources that only few had the data that I knew back in 2000. Moreover, I had bought around 20 BMWs in my life, from 3-series, 5-series, all the way to X5s.

        • Edward says:

          BMW built their brand off of the sportive spirit. They are now spending their brand equity in what they’ve built and going mass market to scale out hugely. It’s by design, they aren’t stupid. Enthusiasts must move on. BMW was for enthusiasts, but is now for the regular car driving public. The next step after this mass wave is restructuring in 20 yrs time.

          Look at the history of car industry from American to Japanese to German today. It is all cyclical and they all follow the general gameplan.

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