The new BMW M5 is about to reach its first eager customers who have been waiting for a while to take delivery of their new rides. The occasion will be marked by BMW USA with a new clip which will be launched Tuesday, showcasing the all-wheel drive monster drifting alongside its predecessor. Earlier this week a teaser for all the action was released on BMW USA’s Youtube channel and the action seems rather intense, if we’re to judge by the close, fast-paced shots in the clip.

The reason why BMW decided to do such a comparison is rather evident. The big news about the new M5 wasn’t the upgraded 600 HP figure, or the increased torque or even the design. The big news about the F90 M5 was that it became the first M car – excluding the SUVs – to be fitted with an all-wheel drive system as standard. It’s a big deal for enthusiasts and fans of the blue and white roundel, as the M5 was one of the last performance sedans out there to still rely on its rear axle alone to get ahead of the competition.

Now the M5 comes with what BMW calls M xDrive which is a new all-wheel drive system able to send 100 percent of the power to the rear axle. “But why does that matter so much?” you might ask. Well, when talking about drifting a car, sending power to all four corners of the vehicle can be counterproductive. Therefore, it is wildly better to have only the rear axle spin its wheels to make sure the car is as tail happy as possible.

That’s something the old M5 was rather known for. Keeping control of that beast wasn’t an easy thing to do but if you managed it, you’d definitely get the kick of your life and a perfect drift in the process. That’s why the two are shown side to side in the footage below and the clip that’s going to be launched next week, BMW wanting to show that you can have the best of both worlds.