Yesterday, we took a look at the newly released online configurator for the brand-new F90-gen BMW M5. While it’s always fun to customize your perfect super sedan, we were actually slightly disappointed with one aspect of the new M5 — its color options.

BMW M cars have always had a tradition of offering really interesting color options. Colors like Dakar Yellow, Laguna Seca Blue and Hellrot Red are some examples of the offerings from M cars in the past. All of which are great, interesting colors. This new BMW M5, though, as the same variety of colors as skyscrapers do. It sports a spectrum of color that goes from black to blue to white and every grey in between. Even the Individual colors are boring.

While San Marino Blue is nice and Snapper Rocks Blue is wild looking, that’s about as interesting as it gets. No red, no yellow, no green. And that’s really disappointing, especially considering how good the M5 looks in more exciting colors. As evidenced by this article from Jalopnik.

Here are a bunch of comically-named colors that make the BMW M5 look far more interesting that the ones actually offered by BMW. Personally, I’m a fan of Citrus Rage Metallic, Cold Boyardee Scarlet Metallic and Nurburgring Violet. Hell, I even like the Avocado color. These more interesting colors show off the muscular lines of the M5 better, they make it seem more special and, just in general, are far more interesting to look at.


Don’t get me wrong, we love the new BMW M5. It’s a brilliant car and it does look good in San Marino Blue, as well as classic colors like black and white. However, the M Division has always offered really great colors and the absence of any is just a disappointment. Still, if I could afford an M5, I’d be perfectly happy to own and drive one in any of the actual colors offered.

[Source: Jalopnik]