The BMW M235i was widely thought of as the best bang for the buck car you could get from BMW’s line-up not long ago. It was before the BMW M2 or the BMW M240i came out, to steal its thunder. Nevertheless, some people still think the M235i is better than the M240i just because of the N55 engine sitting under its hood. It’s not to say that the B58 isn’t a great mill too, but to some, the N55 sounds just a little bit better.

The B58 counters with its better torque even from lower RPM levels but who’s counting anyway. What we’re here for, is to check out the way a 377 HP tuned BMW M235i handles an unrestricted section of the famous Autobahn system in Germany. The guys from AutoTopNL are back at it again and they are showing us what this beast is capable of. Looking at the power figure, one might even say the M235i is just as good as the M2 but we all know that’s not exactly right.

Sure, in a straight line the M2 might even prove to be a bit slower but take the two out for a spin and the differences between an M car and an M Performance one will be obvious. Be it on the road, where the M car will be stiffer, or on the track, where the M Performance model will be slower, the differences will be notable. However, we’re not here to explain such things but to enjoy yet another footage of someone doing things that are impossible for most of us.

I’m not talking about the ability to fly or anything like that but about being able to top out your car’s speedometer, legally. That’s currently doable only on unrestricted highways, the sort the Germans have had for decades, or the track. The 377 HP or the M235i in the footage below also come in handy, especially in the 200 km/h+ (over 124 mph) region, where the car seems to be accelerating at quite a rapid pace.