The first M Performance variant of the 2 Series was the BMW M235i, a car that gave every enthusiast hope for the future of the 2 Series and the brand itself. It’s since been replaced by the BMW M240i, with a bigger, more powerful engine. Despite that, though, the M235i still remains on of the best small coupes in the world. One of its key characteristics is the sound of its much beloved N55 engine. Its sound is subdued but growly, metallic yet smooth. It’s great for a stock car. Yet the folks at ARMYTRIX have decided to take it one step further and it certainly adds a bit more spice.

From the outside, it looks a bit obnoxious, thanks to its matte-black wrap, bright green livery and bright green brake calipers. While that’s not my cup of tea, I can understand why some enthusiasts would want their M235i looking that way. The inside is a bit calmer but still features some bright green accents, such as on the steering wheel and dash trim. There are also some carbon fiber bits that make it look a bit sportier.

The real business is done under the hood and out back. Under the hood, the M235i gained a new intake and a BMS air filter, so its induction sound is much more prominent and you can really hear the turbos. It also gets a new ECU tune, which bumps power to 377 hp, so it’s a bit quicker than the standard car as well. But out back, the AMRYTRIX exhaust is what enhances the car the most. It’s not obnoxious or overly loud, it’s just enough to let you know that it’s no standard BMW M235i.

Inside the car, it’s not very loud. In fact, one could call it muted. It has as subtle growl that’s louder than the stock car but not overly so. The growl is more prominent and a bit angrier but it never sounds out of line for an M235i. Sometimes aftermarket exhausts are just too boomy and loud, making good cars sound silly. This new exhaust seems to blend a good balance of aggression and refinement.

It’s also remote controlled, so you can open and close the valves at will. With the valves closed, it’s relatively quiet, allowing you to putter around town without bothering anyone. With the valves open, it’s quite loud. Check it out for yourself and let us know if you think the BMW M235i sounds better or its own or could benefit from such a system.