BMW USA Sales Drop 2.4% As Luxury Segment Shrinks Overall

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Last year proved to be challenging for a number of car companies looking to post yet new record-breaking sales figures in the luxury segment. As …

Last year proved to be challenging for a number of car companies looking to post yet new record-breaking sales figures in the luxury segment. As a whole the US market went down for the first time in seven years, marking a drop of 0.2 percent in the luxury segment and a 1.8 percent cut overall cut for the entire automotive field. The battle at the top is therefore fiercer than ever and BMW managed to snag second place in the US this year, beating Lexus by a mere 553 vehicles.

The two companies basically traded places compared to 2016, when Lexus came in second, with BMW third. The Bavarians managed to defeat the Japanese competition thanks to a strong December where sales went up by 4.3 percent on account of the popularity of the new 5 Series, X1 and X5 SUV models. Over the entire 2017, BMW sold 305,685 vehicles, a drop of 2.4 percent compared to 2016.

P90237224 highRes the new bmw 5 series 830x553First place was taken for a second time by Mercedes-Benz, with total sales of 337,246 units. The Stuttgart-based manufacturer also posted lower numbers than in 2016, sales shrinking by 0.9 percent. Lexus came in third in the US, with sales totaling 305,132, down 7.9 percent. While the top three companies showed a slowdown in sales, Audi managed to post a noteworthy increase of 7.8 percent overall across 2017, being one of only 7 luxury brands out of the 13 operating on the US market to post an increase in sales.

The downfall of luxury brands is mainly attributed to the current shift in preferences towards SUVs and crossovers and moving away from sedans and Coupes, no matter how they are packaged. 2018 might see some of these brands make comebacks as more crossovers and SUVs are coming. BMW, for example, will have the new X2 on offer and the X7 is being expected, to appeal to those looking for the ultimate luxury in a bigger package.

8 responses to “BMW USA Sales Drop 2.4% As Luxury Segment Shrinks Overall”

  1. Icebreakerr says:

    i mean i like SUVs too but id take a coupe over an SUV anyday.

  2. Pictor says:

    In other news, Porsche reported sales increases. It’s sales figures were led by a SUV and four door sedan. Go figure.

    • disqus_oTgsUKhdql says:

      Aren’t those “Porsches” also available under other badges? So their “volume” is actually even higher. Do VAG still build Bentley in Germany? This article is totally apples vs. oranges, North America’s biggest seller is pick-ups. Not “luxury”. How much of Mercedes’ volume is fwd. 4 cyl? Since neither Lexus or BMW sell pick-ups or fwd. 4 cyl. compacts here, they’re doing fine. They don’t even compete in those volume segments.

  3. Scott Campbell says:

    Tesla had record sales.

  4. Scott Campbell says:

    Everyone is buying Tesla model x/s. Other companies trying to catch up. You can have the safest/fastest vehicle in the world now, Tesla. One company changing the world with its vehicles and battery storage. Plus, some space travel with space x. Changing at the convenience at home with a full battery in the am! I use my solar panels and battery storage for free charge. You can have an expensive vehicle without the expense of having an expensive maintenance vehicle. Low maintenance with an expensive vehicle

  5. Abhinav Puri says:

    If they company loses confidence in their product, prospective customers will follow suit!
    BMW made major changes to their new car warranty and CPO programs, along with their free maintenance program.
    The warranty and maint used to cover Brakes, rotors, wiper blades, you name it. It was THEEE reason to buy a beemer! and CPO’s would go 6yr 100K, with full tranfereablity.

    Now, if you buy a CPO, you get 1yr unlimited miles (who drives unlimited miles anyways and if you did, the maintenance $$$ would kill you!), and it does not transfer to a subsequent owner if you made a private sale, only transfers to a family member (that is borderline an unfair practice).

    All this has defintely affected my decsion to buy a New or CPO beemer, ended up going with a Lexus.

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