BMW is adamant about offering you the best possible experience behind the wheel of its BMW M cars. Apart from making them some of the best machines in their respective classes, the engineers and executives in Munich know that the fans of the brand like to time themselves and keep on improving their skills behind the wheel. In this regard, you can either go through the M Performance catalogue to enhance your car or learn how to better drive it.

One way of improving your driving skills is to get yourself a BMW Driving Experience, during which you’ll get to learn all the tricks of the trade from BMW’s own instructors. If that’s not possible for any reason, you can go for the BMW M Laptimer app which will be of immense help. In the video below, we get to see exactly what you can do with it, as explained by Stefan Landmann.

Data analysis with GPS and calculation of lap times, g forces or acceleration are just a few of the features. The app records the precise sensory data directly from each BMW using the specially-equipped BMW apps. To be more precise, the app records: GPS position, speed, forward acceleration, lateral acceleration, acceleration to a certain speed (0 to 100 km/h or 60mph), gas pedal position, steering angle, delay, RPM, gear, and consumption. However, some of the measured values are available depending on vehicle features and model year.

The app therefore performs an analysis of your performance, showing you where you could’ve shaved some time off. As Stefan puts it, if can check out when you started braking, for example, and make adjustments to make sure you’re as fast as possible on the track. The app will help out in this regard and many more.