Just yesterday we saw what happened to a poor Christmas tree as it was brought home by a petrolhead using a BMW E30 M3 pickup. The poor thing arrived at the destination completely bald despite the driver having the largest possible grin on his face once he got out of the car. This time around, we get to see what Santa uses for his winter driving purposes, considering he has to carry gifts and all.

So what BMW do you think suits the man in the red suit best from the Bavarian company’s line-up? No matter what your choice is, BMW M clearly has the right answer and their winner was the BMW X5 M which is exactly what Santa is driving in this short clip posted below. Apparently, Santa — who, by the way, doesn’t look remotely like we’re used to — decided to let Rudolph and the gang rest for a while while he enjoys the 575 horses of the SUV.

It’s all fun and games but it also looks like Santa knew the driver of the E30 M3 Pickup would ruin the tree and got a special dashboard toy to match, all lid up with Christmas lights and everything. The people from BMW M also claim that it’s time to put the old Elvis bobblehead toys to rest, at least these days, and get something more in tune with the holidays. I tend to agree but I’d go for a model BMW not a miniaturized Christmas tree, sorry Santa!

In the end, we’d like to know what your choices for Santa’s sleigh would be. Would you also go for the X5 M or do you think other choices would be wiser? Let us know in the comments section below.