Back in 2011, BMW showed off a sort of “concept” M3 pickup, based on the E92 BMW M3. However, this turned out to be just an April Fools prank to mess with enthusiasts’ fragile minds. Admittedly, the car really existed but was designed as a parts car for BMW to load parts in and transport them from facility to facility. BMW actually did this once before, with an E30 M3 back in the day. While these sorts of BMW pickup truck ideas have always sparked fun conversation, they’ve almost always been done tongue-in-cheek, with no real expectation for BMW to actually make one.

While there’s still no chance BMW will ever make a pickup, the idea that Mercedes-Benz now has the X-Class pickup truck has restarted the conversations of BMW doing a pickup. These conversations have spawned this particular render of a BMW X Pickup and I admit, reluctantly, I kind of like it.

The render is based on a BMW X5 that has been given a bed, some roll-bars, plastic body cladding and beefier wheels and tires. The inner child in me actually thinks it looks kind of cool and I know I’m going to get flak for that (I don’t care, I like childish things).

BMW E92 M3 Pickup

It will never happen, though, as BMW really has no history with trucks and a truck doesn’t really fit into its “Ultimate Driving Machine” ethos. Many representatives from BMW have repeatedly said that BMW will develop whatever there’s a market for but I just don’t see many BMW customers wanting a Bavarian truck.

However, now that BMW has been partnered with Toyota and will be supplying the Japanese giant with some diesel engines, it’s certainly possible that we could see a pickup truck with a BMW engine under the hood. Imagine that, a Toyota Hilux with a BMW diesel? Sign me up.

[Source: Indian Autos Blog]