The BMW E46 M3 holds a really special place in the hearts of many BMW fans. It is regarded by many as the best M3 ever made as long as you go for the best combo out there. The general consensus seems to agree that the Coupe, manual model is the best pick while the SMG gearbox is generally regarded as the Achile’s heel in most scenarios. Chip in a drop top and things are getting quite interesting as far as the purebred aficionado is concerned.

That’s why the car we’re showing you today is an interesting take on the possibility of owning a BMW E46 M3. This is a drop top SMG model, probably the least loved one out there, but looking absolutely mint. The guys from Hexagon are asking for £24,995, or $33,420 at today’s exchange rates which may seem like a lot at first. Chip in the fact that the Bimmer had two previous owners and that it has 29,100 miles (46,832km) on the clock and you might want to take a step back and reflect on what you’re buying here.

It’s obvious that the E46 M3 will be a future classic, prices already going up in various parts of the world. However, in most cases, we’re talking about manual, Coupe models, not convertibles and definitely not cars fitted with the SMG gearbox which is hated on by a lot of people. Having driven it, I can tell you it’s definitely not as bad as it may seem but compared to the precision of the manual or the gearboxes we’ve been getting used to these days, it does start to fade.

So, the question is, would you be interested in spending your hard worked money on this car, hoping that its value will go up in the future? Or would you buy it just to have fun with it in the glowing sun, during those nice summer days, with the breeze blowing through your hair?