With the next-generation of BMW 3 Series, internally known as G20, on the horizon, fans are naturally speculating what the next-gen BMW M3 will be like. While details from BMW are still quite hush, there are a lot of rumors about what the next M3 might bring. One thing we still don’t know, though, is what it’s going to look like. Thankfully some new spy photos of the G80 M3, the first we’ve seen, have surfaced. Unfortunately, it’s so heavily camouflaged that there aren’t a lot of details to make out. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

In these photos, we only get to see the rear end of the new M3 and it’s wearing so much camo that there really isn’t a lot to see. However, there are some little things we can spot. For instance, the quad tailpipes give away the fact that this is, indeed, a BMW M3. It also seems to be sporting the same 20″ wheels that you get on an M3 Competition Package, though that’s likely for pre-production testing.

G80 BMW M3 Render

This new M3 also seems to have a smoother roofline than the current one, which is just a design element of the new 3 Series as a whole. Though, from this angle, the roofline and C-pillar look much smoother and more rounded than the current 3 Series/M3. Almost Mercedes C-Class-like. The taillights also seem to be slimmer, but that could just be due to the camouflage. On the trunk lid, there seems to be a very small decklid spoiler, similar to the one on the new BMW M5.

Other than those details, there’s really not much else to make out and there’s little else we know about the next M3. We do know that it will continue to sport a 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged I6 engine that may or may not use the same water-injection system as the BMW M4 GTS. While that system would easily help the blown-six to make around 500 hp, the added complexity and need to refill the water are not things BMW M is entirely in love with. There are also the possibilities of both a mild-hybrid setup and xDrive all-wheel drive, similar to that of the M5.

[Source: Motor.es]