Upcoming G20 BMW 3 Series gets new renderings

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Rendered G20 BMW 3 Series 830x553

The upcoming BMW G20 3 Series has a lot of tough competition to go up against when it comes out next year, but according to our sources, …

The upcoming BMW G20 3 Series has a lot of tough competition to go up against when it comes out next year, but according to our sources, it is ready to take on that challenge with a series of innovative features for the segment and a more daring daring compared to the current generation 3er.

BMW is also listening to its critics and fans alike and will be looking to give its upcoming models a more different look between different classes and segments. Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW Group Chief of Design, said it is time to differentiate the cars launched in the future by even more, to give each its own character.

Rendered G20 BMW 3 Series 830x553

“Each new car going forward now, we believe has to have fresh character of its own. The new 3 [Series] will be part of this new form language, but also will have a couple of characteristics that are unique to that car.”

Our own sources also say that the 3 Series will have its own identify within the BMW lineup, and it will not be a smaller 5 Series.

Likely the the biggest news with the G20 3 Series will probably be the new instrument cluster that will debut on the 8 Series next summer. Furthermore, ambient lighting with a choice of 16 different light combinations will be included, for that serene and classy atmosphere inside the cabin at night.

To boot, the headlights will be fitted with adaptive LED lights as standard while LaserLight technology will be optional choice for those who prefer to see more on the road at night. With adaptive beams, the LaserLight headlights will light up the road ahead up to 600 meters, this kind of technology being reserved solely for the 7 Series range up until not long ago.

Just like the new G30 5 Series, the new 3 Series is built upon the CLAR architecture. Thanks to CFRP components and a higher proportion of aluminum, the platform allows the new 3 Series to weigh around 40 kg less than the outgoing model, resulting in a sportier drive and lower fuel consumption.

Rendered G20 BMW 3 Series 1 830x553

Yet despite those comments by BMW executives, rendering artists are going with a conservative approach when it comes to G20 illustrations. Take for example these two images from Autobild that portray the new G20 3 Series as an evolutionary model over the current F30 generation.

BMW will unveil the new 3 Series late next year, followed by a market introduction in 2019.

21 responses to “Upcoming G20 BMW 3 Series gets new renderings”

  1. raleedy says:

    This is a bit confusing. Your initial point is that the BMW series will be more sharply distinguished from one another, yet the featues you describe are all trickle-downs from the more expensive cars, and the pictures illustrate a car that looks pretty much like the current 7er.

  2. KSegg says:

    This looks like a much more accurate rendering. Autobild’s rendering was way off in my opinion.

  3. Fred G. Sanford says:

    Another unattractive BMW. Looks like the hideous GT in the back.

  4. Big Youbang says:

    Wowt looks almost like 5 series, even 7 series. Well at least it lookes better than current f30 so I wouldn’t complain. Let’s hope they improved their atrocious reliability standard and brought back the e90 handling.

  5. Autopal says:

    I don’t think the G20 will have the headlights touching the grill. BMW’s new design language is moving on from that feature. Take the new X3, the headlights doesn’t touch the grill like the 2017 X3.

    • Dani says:

      take the 5er, it touches the grill, so it’s irrelevant

      • Autopal says:

        The 5er has been out for a few years now, the X3 is brand new. BMW has stated that this new 3er will herald a new design language, and even the interior will take design cues from the 8 series concept. Remember the F30 3er was the first one to have the grill touching way back at launch in 2012

  6. jason bourne says:

    If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought it was a picture of a 5-Series… That’s how bloated the 3-Series has become.

  7. Arunabh says:

    Thank god that its not gonna look anything like this !!

  8. Bellisarius says:

    Unfortunately it looks a diluted, less sporty, more comfort oriented 6/7 series. It is hard to see how it can capture any of the e4x series or even the F30 M Performance- which can be tuned up with aftermarket BMW approved parts (e.g. Dinan) for enhanced feeling. Hard to see how this is not an example of spectacular regression at Munich. Merc and Porsche shoot up, Audi steady, BMW regresses. Let’s talk dynamics- the reduced weight is offset by the bigger size, and, dare I suspect, problematic body roll and EPS numb feel? Wait, perhaps they tune in ZF rack on the M Performance model. Best yes, buy an older E/F and just tune it up for a fraction of the G20 cost.

    • Autopal says:

      You do realize this is a render, and may very well be far from what the finished product will look?

      • Bellisarius says:

        Have bem tracking the G20 for two years and it is indeed going in the direction discussed. It is not just a question of looks, but driving dynamics weight etc. Your only 3 series reminder of what it was will be the M2. That is the direction they took when parting with the former head designer and many more internal decisions which resulted in the loss of sales. Consequently the best future 3 series will be a tuned up previous gen. Or pay an M2 M3 price for a 3 series M Performance as we had to do last (65k before taxes, 67k after LCI).

  9. JohnW says:

    Well they do need to make it slightly less than the 4 series now as I reckon the 4 will be sold at a greater premium now, as its now one up so to speak.

  10. dani says:

    I really hope the back will be nothing like that. It’s so “asian”, looks cheap and ugly

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