In just a few months, the BMW X1 F48 will also be built at VDL NedCar in Born. Production in the Netherlands is a reaction to the high demand worldwide for the compact SUV, which is currently only being manufactured in Regensburg, Germany. After the Dutch had already built MINI models for the BMW Group since 2014, they were commissioned with the production of a BMW model for the X1 for the first time. The first X-model from the Netherlands now gives us a special edition in the national color of the builders: The BMW X1 Orange Edition.

The color choice is the Sunset Orange Metallic, introduced with the 4 Series facelift, which obviously comes closest to the classic Oranje from the point of view of those responsible. Apart from the color, the BMW X1 Orange Edition also includes a few more features which ensure an attractive overall package.

All models of the Orange Edition are launched as a BMW X1 xDrive20i with a 184 hp turbo four-cylinder and four-wheel drive, and the xLine is always on board. 18-inch light-alloy wheels in the design Y-spoke 569, the Dakota Black leather trim and numerous special features from the navigation system and the two-zone climate control system to the head-up display round off the BMW X1 Orange Edition.

With a price of 51,300 euros, the special model available in the Netherlands is almost 6,000 euros cheaper than a comparable configuration in a different color. Thus, the offer of the Orange Edition could actually lead to more X1 cars on the Holland roads where the compact SUV is already the third-highest-selling BMW model.