The new Mercedes-Benz X-Class had some people scratching their heads when it came out. The engineers in Stuttgart definitely saw some potential in it but then decided to keep it off the largest market for the segment it’s playing in, leaving us even more confused. However, with the SUV craze taking over the world, Mercedes might be on to something here and if the X-Class proves to be successful, other manufacturers might join in. Could the BMW X2 be turned into a rival for the premium pickup truck?

Looking at the new sporty SUV from BMW you might think that may not be the case. The thing is, the rendering below is an outlandish take on what could turn out to be the best rival for the X-Class. That’s because the Mercedes is based on the Nissan Navara and that means it’s considerably bigger than the X2. Therefore, the one car that would make most sense being turned into a pickup truck would be the X5.

Even so, the rendering below shows exactly how a BMW SUV would look like with four seats at the front and a generous bed in the back. Since the X2 does follow BMW’s design philosophy to the letter, this could be considered a preview of how maybe an X5 would turn out if the Bavarians decided to go down this route. And, to be honest, it doesn’t look half bad, instead being quite appealing, if you ask me.

Of course, the car built by the Munich-based company should do away with all the bits that brought forwards complaints from people in the industry. The first one to call out the X-Class as ‘off’ was ex-BMW designer, Chris Bangle who had the guts to say that it doesn’t exactly inspire a premium feel, especially inside the cabin. Then other execs came out and said the same thing, from BMW officials to Volkswagen ones, all of them complaining about the build quality of the X-Class. If that was not the case with the X2, would anyone be interested in a pickup version of the SAV?