While the new BMW X3 is already out, we’re still waiting for the new X4 to show its pretty little face in public without camouflage. According to our sources, the G02 X4 will come out early next year, as the current F26 model will go out of production in March of 2018. However, since deliveries will probably begin around June/July, the new X4 will be a 2019 model. The car we’re looking at here in this video seems to be the BMW X4 M40i version.

Some fans thought this might be a possible X4 M. That’s mainly due to the aggressive sound of the thing. And to their credit, the BMW X4 M has been mentioned around Munich for a while now by people in upper management. However, despite various sources talking about the same thing, including our own very reliable one, BMW is yet to confirm both the X3 M and X4 M officially. The two are, nonetheless, under development and will be sharing most of their underpinnings.

The thing that stops us from being certain this is the full-on M model is the front fascia of the prototype that seems to be sporting the same design as the BMW X3 M40i and so are the exhaust pipes. What we’re actually looking at is the M40i version of the upcoming X4.

Just like before, the new X4 will basically use the same chassis as the X3, the same suspension and will come with the same engines. The biggest difference between the two will remain the body style, with the X4 being a Sports Activity Coupe while the X3 remains a Sports Activity Vehicle. Therefore, the Coupe will have a sloping roofline that cuts into the headroom of those sitting in the back as well as into the luggage space offered.  As a matter of fact, the car was spotted a while back without any camo on and we could get a rough idea of just how much the roof is cutting into the practical factor here.

Nonetheless, the X4 will be the more stylish offering of the two and, when the M model comes out, the range will have a proper rival for the likes of the Mercedes-AMG GLC63. Under the hood of both the X4 M and X3 M models sources claim we’ll get a brand new M-developed engine based on the B58 dubbed S58. It will reportedly make 450 HP in the least powerful version and competition versions will have even more power under their belts.