The most expensive model in the range of the new BMW X3 will be the M40i model, starting at $54,850 MSRP and you get a lot of performance for your buck. The car is probably the most anticipated model in the range as it will also be the only model available with a six-cylinder petrol engine. But apart from that, the performance it brings to the table makes it an enticing model for those wanting a fast SUV and a family car in one perfect package.

We recently sampled the car at its international launch in Portugal and fell in love with its shapes and performance both on and off road. What will be an interesting talk around the internet though will focus on the sound of the B58 engine under the hood. Tuned to make 360 PS and 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) of torque, it is capable of launching the X3 up to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.9 seconds, which is quite fast for a car of this size.

But other aspects of the mill will count for enthusiasts as well. An issue a lot of fans have brought up recently was the way the cars with the blue and white roundel on the hood sound like these days. It all started with the S55 engine in the M3 and M4 but it has continued and spread to other models as well. The X3 M40i does come with a straight six but it is not an M model but just an M Performance one.

How will it sound? Well, videos of the car has been scarce up until now and only came from BMW. The manufacturer will definitely put its best foot forward and make sure things sound just right in their soundbites but today we’re showing you one such video shot ‘in the wild’ sort of speak. It shows the X3 doing a cold start and some mild revving to let us hear its engine’s growl unaltered. To us, it is definitely sounding good but let us know what you think of it.