Probably the most anticipated launch of next year for BMW fans will be the return of the iconic 8 Series. Shown as a Concept earlier this year, the car already generated a buzz with its unapologetic design and aggressive creases. That was just a teaser though as what followed made us all wonder what’s next for the M division.

That’s right, I’m talking about the BMW M8 which, unlike what BMW usually does, was shown in prototype guise just days after the 8 Series Coupe was shown to the public. It wasn’t just the showing of the prototype that took us by surprise but the fact that BMW confirmed it’s working on an M8 in the first place. Rumors had been going around but nobody was able to confirm the new M model until the CEO himself decided it was time to share this secret with the world.

The cars shown in the video below could be prototype versions of the M8 but we can’t be sure at the moment. However, they are definitely packing V8 engines under their hoods. Furthermore, the sound they make is absolutely intoxicating, just like the BMW people promised. Chip in the way the two look like on the Ring, handling the twisty, tight corners like gracious ballerinas with almost no sign of body roll and things are definitely looking up.

To be fair, BMW M has been quite lagging behind its arch-enemy AMG recently when it comes to engine sound. The V8 mills of the Affalterbach monsters definitely get your blood flowing faster than their M counterparts but it looks like the Motorsport division will finally give us a car that sounds just as mean as it looks. Let’s just hope that the 8 Series in all its versions – Coupe, Convertible and Gran Coupe – will deliver on all fronts and be exactly what we’ve been waiting for the last two decades.