Every year, Top Gear features its “Speed Week”, an event where they get the best performance cars of the year together to see how they stack up. This year, they’re taking some incredibly excited cars to the Knockhill circuit in Scotland and some of the cars attending are simply breathtaking. One of which is the BMW M4 CS and we’ll be watching closely to see how it performs.

The reason why we’ll be watching the BMW M4 CS so closely at Speed Week is because of the man who will be reviewing, and drifting, all of the cars — Chris Harris. Not just because Harris is fun to watch, as no automotive journalist can pull the sort of angles he can in ultra-fast performance cars, but because of his feels on the BMW M4. While most auto enthusiasts bemoan the new BMW M3/M4, for being a bit disconnected compared to its predecessors, Harris has been one of its chief proponents. In fact, when driving the BMW M3 30 Jahre, he claimed it to be the best M3 the brand ever made.


However, when driving the BMW M4 GTS, the brand’s most hardcore and extreme performance car, he seem to be quite disappointed. He felt that it was a huge letdown, considering how much he likes the standard M4 and how much promise the GTS had. The BMW M4 CS that will be featured at Speed Week sort of splits the difference between the standard M4 and the GTS. It’s the Goldilocks Edition, not too hot, not too cold. Just right.

So we’re really interested in seeing what Harris thinks of the M4 CS. Especially when considering the sort of competition it will be up against. Some of the other cars featured are the brand-new Ford GT, McLaren 720S and the Mercedes-AMG GT R, the latter of which Harris already deemed far better than the M4 GTS. It will be interesting to see how the BMW M4 CS handles itself among such fierce competition.

[Source: Top Gear]