When Rolls-Royce unveiled the Black Badge Ghost and Wraith models it did so with one single purpose in mind: to appeal to a younger demographic. Their numbers showed that the average age of their customers is starting to drop, mostly due to an influx of billionaires making their money in various new ventures. This, in turn, means that customers are now more inclined to buy luxurious cars that are also a bit more agile and sporty by nature.

Since the Phantom is the king of the Rolls-Royce range and about as big as a yacht, the Ghost and Wraith had to step in and become the ‘sportier’ alternatives. The Black Badge treatment offers a bit more power and a slightly adjusted suspension setup for the ‘patrons’ while also differentiating the cars on the outside by offering them either in black on black finishes or in red with black. The bottom line is, you will definitely stand out in the Rolls-Royce crowd with a Black Badge model.

The guys from The Fast Lane Car had such a Ghost on their hands recently and they decided to share some interesting facts that some people may not be aware of. Of course, some are quite very well known, such as the umbrellas hid in the doors or the fact that you have buttons at your reach, to close the doors automatically, without having to move too much. However, there are some interesting tidbits thrown in there that are truly interesting.

For example, the Spirit of Ecstasy figurine at the top of the Pantheon grille up front changes its angle at higher speeds, in order to be more aerodynamic. Not that it would matter when you’re driving a 2.5-ton vehicle with a 600 HP V12 but it does show the amount of detail that goes into the making of such a luxurious vehicle.

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