After the BMW X7 Concept debuted, it was met with quite a mixed bag of reactions. Some fans liked how big, brash and extravagant it looked and some felt it looks hideous. It’s a very polarizing concept car. So fans are a bit nervous about what the production car will look like. In this new rendering, we get a look at a more production-looking version of the X7 concept but it still looks a bit too concept-y.

The overall shape of the car is less exaggerated than the concept and looks more like a production car. However, the massive grilles and front bumper still look very much like the concept. The problem with that is the fact that the Montana-sized Kidney Grilles are what fans liked least about the concept.

Its headlights look pretty production-ready, though, as they seem to be pulled straight from the 7 Series. Despite that, they don’t look all that great on the 7 Series’ massive front end. It needs some chunkier headlights, sort of like what you’ll see on the new X3. Hopefully, that’s the direction BMW continues to go in instead, as the headlights on the 7 Series are not necessarily the best.

We’re a bit nervous for the BMW X7 because it’s the first of its kind, it’s BMW’s first attempt at a true three-row SUV and it will become the new luxury benchmark for the Bavarian brand. So BMW really needs to get this right, especially with how good its competition is. The Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class might be aging but it’s still excellent and the Range Rover Autobiography is simply superb. So the BMW X7 is sort of jumping into the tiger’s den.

We’re also hoping that BMW changes the front end of the X7 for production-duty, as the concept is just too much. This render proves it, as the massive grilles just look odd on a normal car.

[Source: Indian Autos Blog]