As the development of the BMW X7 is evolving, more news about the upcoming flagship are starting to surface. Our own sources inside Munich are claiming that the new SUV will indeed be setting itself apart from the X5 by offering more luxury than ever and larger room inside. Technically, the two will share a lot of their underpinnings but other than that, once you get inside the X7 you’ll definitely be able to appreciate the upgrade in space and luxury.

The biggest difference between the two will be the fact that the X7 will offer a third row of seats that’s actually usable by adults, unlike in the X5, where only children could occupy the last two seats. The X7 will be available with either 6 or 7 seats depending on the choice of the customers, but the 6-seat version will be the more comfortable option. Furthermore, the range-topping SUV will be part of BMW’s new exclusive distinct category focused on luxury, alongside the 7 Series, 8 Series and i8 models.

Of course, that implies offering some new technology aboard as well, alongside the best fit and finish money can buy. Well, one of these tech bits will be a five-zone climate control system because four zones were obviously not enough. We don’t have any additional info at the moment but chances are the last two seats in the back will be able to have the temperature set to their own preference.

The BMW X7 is set to arrive next year as a 2019 model and its launch will be extremely close to the unveiling of the new X5. It will have a range-topping xDrive50i model while on the diesel side of things the quad-turbo B57S 3-liter straight six mill will be the top dog. According to BMW, we might also find hybrid choices in the range but there’s no word on the specs of those just yet.