It looks like BMW is listening to its critics and fans alike and will be looking to give its upcoming models a more different look between different classes and segments. A lot of customers and journalists have been complaining lately about the way automakers are designing their cars. From Audi and their increasingly similar model range to Mercedes-Benz and their S-Class-inspired host of models, this looks like an issue most car-makers face these days. BMW’s designs are not nearly as closely related to each other as it happens in other cases but they are still sometimes too close for comfort.

And that’s what the management is looking into these days. Speaking to Australian media representatives at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Adrian van Hooydonk said it is time to differentiate the cars launched in the future by even more, to give each its own character. “Each new car going forward now, we believe has to have fresh character of its own. The new 3 [Series] will be part of this new form language, but also will have a couple of characteristics that are unique to that car.”

“We want to differentiate more within the BMW brand, to pull the cars a little bit further apart. We are going to launch six or seven new cars – we wanted to take this opportunity to do a next step, a big step in design language too and you can see that in these two concepts (the X7 iPerformance SUV and i Vision Dynamics Concept) and also the Z4 concept. It’s a design language that is cleaner, simpler, fewer lines, the lines that we do have are sharper and crisper,” he added.

Of course, brand recognition is still very important and we should expect future models to keep some design cues intact but there will be more to set them apart than it is currently the case. If the 8 Series Concept and Z4 Concept are anything to go by, things are shaping up great, the two concepts released recently by BMW being hailed by both customers and journalists around the world for their boldness and good looks.