The new BMW Concept X7 is just as impressive in person as it is in the official photos. The largest and most luxurious BMW SUV to date has been unveiled today in Frankfurt and took the center stage alongside the new BMW i Vision Dynamics and the Concept 8 Series.

BMW is trying to signify how imposing the new X7 is and seems to be doing so in almost a Rolls Royce sort of way. Up until now, the largest BMW SUV you could buy was the X5. With a third row as an option, the X5 was never really a seven-seater.

In terms of design, the BMW X7 is quite a departure from any of the current design language used on production models. What’s interesting is that it looks similar to the design language used on the BMW 8 Series Concept. The exterior is big, bold and brash, with sharp lines and massive features. Its Kidney Grilles are simply massive, flanked by wide, yet narrow, LED headlights.

Inside the BMW X7 Concept, you’ll notice many features that are reminiscent of the BMW 8 Series Concept’s cabin. The futuristic steering wheel, iDrive controller, glass shift lever and fully digital gauge cluster all look either plucked straight from the 8 Series Concept or at least inspired by it. Whereas the exterior of the X7 Concept is all about being sophisticated, yet imposing, the interior is all about high-tech minimalism.

Behind the front passengers, the BMW X7 Concept sports four single captain’s chairs, making it a six-seater in total. This is the way to do three-row luxury, as it allows for more comfort, space and style. Expect the production-ready BMW X7 to have seven-seats as-standard, with the option for six, single seats like the Concept.

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This new BMW X7 Concept iPerformance also showcases some of the brand’s plug-in hybrid technology. You can see the charge port on the front, driver’s side fender, showing off that this car is, indeed a hybrid. BMW hasn’t given exact specs of what this X7 Concept iPerformance has under its hood but will say that it has a TwinPower Turbo petrol engine paired with an electric motor.

While all of BMW’s iPerformance models use a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the X7 is so big and heavy, it would be surprising if it used a turbo-six paired with an electric motor.

BMW will introduce the production version of the X7 in early 2019.

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