LEAKED: This is the BMW Concept X7!

BMW X7 | September 7th, 2017 by 95
BMW X7 Concept 830x553

The upcoming BMW Concept X7 has just been leaked on the Internet! As expected, the BMW X7 stands out with a bold design which includes …

The upcoming BMW Concept X7 has just been leaked on the Internet! As expected, the BMW X7 stands out with a bold design which includes massive front grilles and air intakes, and lots of chrome all around. In the back, we can see flush-mounted door handles and an electric charging port on the front fender which indicates a plug-in hybrid model.
The topic of the vertical aerodynamic elements is also picked up at the rear, here again we see two striking air outlets in the outer area of ​​the apron.

Rounding out the styling features are a ventilated rear bumper and slender taillights.

At the front, the Concept X7 also gets a set of laser headlights, in the now typical slim design. On top, BMW designers gave the X7 an attractive panoramic glass roof.

BMW X7 Concept 4 830x623

On the side, the X7 also gets a massive hockey stick, also made of chrome, while the large wheels round off the imposing stance of the first true seven seater BMW.

The cabin is exactly what we’ve expected – high-tech and extremely luxurious, even though this is just a concept and the production version might see a tone down version of this. The images point to a clean design, with digital display behind the wheel and the floating LCD now sitting closer to the steering wheel. The center console also reminds us of the Concept 8 Series, while the rear seats show the extra legroom and space afforded by the large wheelbase.

The driver-oriented dashboard and the sophisticated steering wheel are both sporty and high-quality at the same time.

BMW X7 Concept 6 830x554

The concept also has two-tone leather seats, wood trim, and bright accents, and plenty of ambient light for those long trips. Two large LCD screens are also part of the rear cabin, pointing to a high-tech entertainment system which will glamour the X7’s occupants.

With the first images being leaked, we can tell you that the full details on the X7 are nearly here, so stay tuned this week.

[Source: Wheelsage]

95 responses to “LEAKED: This is the BMW Concept X7!”

  1. Madalin says:

    That front end…it’s a complete disaster! Castor teeth!
    On the other side, interior looks good. Not impressed at all by this car.

  2. Mateo says:

    I like inside. outside looks like escalade

    • Andrewthecarguy says:

      Looks to me like the E70 increased ~40% and interpreted in the current BMW design language. The E70 still looks good today and I think the production version of this will be a hit. The only issue is the the 7 series might take a hit…potential buyers will buy this instead.

  3. 88E30M3 says:

    Thank God my spouse and I do not fall in the demographics of an X7 buyer!!

  4. laurent says:

    Euuuu ! the inside is georgeous ! but outside… the range rover or the range velar must have a big smile…how the designers able to make the serie 8 or the z4 can do… that ! and how the big boss of BMW can valid this design…

  5. Hahn says:

    OMG what is this…front and end looks completely disconected. Back of the car is mix of audi and renault, no musculine presence for car of this size…interior is too much audi like but ok…in this case I hope production car will be nothing like concept!

  6. Uros says:

    XC90 uglier brother?

  7. Arunabh says:

    Ohh dear lord, really !!

    Is this what they have come up with for their flagship SUV.

    And here i was thinking, that things are finally improving after latest X3.

    All fellow BMW lovers, just lower your expectations with upcoming 8 series, Z4, etc.

    At worst, it wouldn’t be painful for us. At best, we may end up getting lukewarm surprise. (yeah, ‘shocking, in a good way’ surprises from BMW aren’t expected anymore)

    • Terry Cowan says:

      Those are 3 Concepts you cite, we haven’t seen production. Pretty sure i3 & i8, to mention two, were Concepts that in production don’t look like anything else on the road.

  8. Giom says:

    For once, I’m hoping the concept model will be improved by the production model. I do have to say tho, the design (potentially) looks strong and authoritative. We’ll see…

  9. Admya says:

    That is one Ugly Car!
    BMW pipo we have to dig a hole to crawl into and hide.
    What will we say to the Mercedes people!

  10. dlk2000 says:

    never commented on here before, but this is SO ugly I just had to say something

  11. Alexander S says:

    What the hell is wrong with the front?? It’s ugly. Other is okay, but I don’t see BMW here. Hope that they’ve shown concept to make a little bit better final version…

  12. Tumelo Malumane says:

    I can live with the front, but the side and rear are so hideous.
    The interior is too awesome.

  13. Kaisuke971 says:

    Wow BMW has reached a new low in exterior design there. The interior is pretty cool but goddamn wtf is this

  14. Hayden8 says:

    I think that, I’m in shock right now, what the hell is that front end !!!
    The side looks a bit like VW Touareg but the exterior though… I don’t like it.
    I have hope for the interior very classy and modern in the same time but the gear lever is pretty much the same as Peugeot 3008 or future DS 7.

  15. Khumo says:

    Hey! Remember how you were all crying for the 3.0 CSL Hommage? Well there you have it.. well sort of… attached to the front end of a luxo-barge SUV!

  16. CDspeed says:

    Ugly and ridiculously big, enough said…

  17. Kev fae Stonehaven says:

    I do hope not !!

    • Arunabh says:

      hahahaha !!!!

      U know what, it may just happen that it would start to look a bit interesting after all the damage marks from the stones.

  18. Icebreakerr says:


    • Madalin says:

      As usual. An i***t fan boy, who’s never able to admit that the shit stinks. You should know when to stop with the fanboyism.

    • bmw driver says:

      LOL pass the joint bro! I want some too!

    • Terry Cowan says:

      These comments crack me up – BMW go up market into a new segment, make as big a design statement as they did with the Phantom, and typists wet themselves because it’s not a generic box like all the competition. You know they would have complained about that, too. Not that anyone has actually seen the production vehicle!

      • 2sfhim says:

        Do the Peugeot 3008, Range Rover (normal, Sport or Velar) or Volvo XC90 look like “generic boxes like all the competition”? Not at all but they all look good. They brought fresh air to their segment in a good way. This thing doesn’t.

        • Kaisuke971 says:

          The 3008 is about the size of an X1, the RR Sport and Velar as well as the Volvo XC90 fit different segments. If you look at the GLS, Lexus LX, Infiniti QX and Cadillac Escalade Platinium they do all have a very similar shape. And the X7 too, you’re both wrong

          • 2sfhim says:

            Even if these models are smaller they just prove it is possible to design a good looking and different looking SUV without making it ugly. The QX80 is not pretty but not fugly. We will have to wait for the real X7, not the concept.

          • Kaisuke971 says:

            Different segments = different customers = different tastes, you must compare a car with models that target the same audience otherwise it makes no sense…. BMW themselves can make good looking SAVs, the X1 and the X5 look pretty good

        • Terry Cowan says:

          Box vs. box vs. box. You haven’t seen the production vehicle, have you? Obviously the Concept is doing its job.

          • 2sfhim says:

            I’ve been in all these cars. Have you seen the production X7? But for sure this concept doesn’t look good.

          • Terry Cowan says:

            No one has! Peugeot isn’t sold here, Volvo design over a decade old, BMW redesigned Range Rover before selling it to Ford. X7 is Bangle butt 745i all over again – hatred, followed by record sales.

          • 2sfhim says:

            Volvo XC90 is 3 years old. It’s not because a brand isn’t sold here they can’t design cars. The Mercedes-Benz GLS looks good. The issue is not the boxy shape because it’s inevitable. The issue on this concept is the front fascia, the rear bumper, WTF chrome bits everywhere on the side and rear and horrible wheels.

          • Terry Cowan says:


          • 2sfhim says:

            Concepts don’t have to be ugly.

          • Terry Cowan says:

            They do have to Garner attention. Mission accomplished. Have you seen the Maybach 20 ft. Roadster?!

    • 2sfhim says:


  19. bmw driver says:

    Hahaha and to think of how I was criticised for complaining about the ever enlarging kidney grilles and the erasing of BMW design cues like the Hoffmeister kink, double round headlights and glasshouse. This partial birth abortion of a car is the logical progression of the current awful design cues. Enjoy! MB uGLE is breathing a sigh of relief.

  20. bmw driver says:

    It looks like a capybara! Bahaha! OMG someone please attach a capybara pic, I beg you. I am literally in tears of laughter. Tears.

  21. Tunmishe Oke says:

    I must be the only one on this thread who likes the design in and out. It grows on you and is markedly different. That’s all it really is folks, different, out of the box and it irritates our safe senses.

    • Andrewthecarguy says:

      No be only you my guy. I like am well-well. All dis ye-ye people wey dey here no understand say na concept. The real one go show say BMW sabi design better thing jare.

  22. Matt Stokes says:


  23. dugnology says:

    Enough with the SUV’s already! You are a car company that prides itself on good handling. This is just a mini-van with big tires that bite into its interior volume. Nobody really needs to drive a dump truck for Christ’s sake. Just because a Long Island housefrau will drive it to take Kaitlyn to soccer practice doesn’t mean you have to soil the BMW name. That goes for Jaguar, Porsche, Audi, Maserati and Bentley.

  24. Giom says:

    Look at the bright side… at least it’s not just a smaller X5.

    After studying the photos again, I must admit, it’s not actually bad. There are a couple of nice new design features in there, plus, it really looks set apart from the lesser Xs.

  25. 2sfhim says:

    Who complained about the Bangle era?

  26. bodbacka says:

    If this thing goes into production with that grille it’s going to look properly menaceing in your back mirror, personally I’d make it half as deep to make it sportier.
    I like the back, that extruded bent line with the emblem is awesome, and so are the roof bars flowing down beside the front window.
    Also dig how the deep indentations in the door mirror the roof line. The L shapes in the front are interesting, kind of mimics flag holders on limos.
    I like how BMW seem to move into something new design wise, the f10 was a boring step compared to the e60 and the bangle buts of the mid ’00. But I know im a minority thinking like this.

  27. Will Hart says:

    The kidney grilles, just no….. 🤢

  28. jason bourne says:

    HIDEOUS front end.

    Is BMW trying to give Lexus a run for its money for ugly front fascias?

  29. Arunabh says:

    Bangle designs were controversial but they surely were progressive. Look most of the Designs now and they still look fresh and distinct. This is just a bizarre looking disappointment on four wheels with absolutely no sense of purpose.

    This vehicle is a proof enough that BMW isn’t even half serious about establishing themselves in the upper echelons on luxury segment however hard Mr. Kruger tries to convince us.

    Look at just what they have got for upper luxury segment in the form of mediocre 7 series and now this disaster.

    The very fact that BMW has managed to get only the 2 series segment right and more or less messed up, small or large, in all other segments for last 5 odd years is a proof enough that they aren’t able to crack the code beyond small cars.

    All this brings back the same old question that fans and journalists are asking for way too long now: Just what is it that you are trying to be BMW?

    PS – Just hoping that this was a big bad joke from BMW and that they would bring something much more palatable when this thing hits production.

  30. Distiller says:

    Unbalanced exterior with too many hockey stick elements which break the horizontal flow and make the body look short. The interior is ok-ish. I like the roof even though in a production model without a sliding shade it all would have to be electically dimable which is rather expensive.

  31. Marco says:

    This is the best looking BMW for years. How can anyone say it is ugly!?

  32. manish says:

    This isn’t the X7 concept. Its just an example of BMWs would look if they were bought over by Koreans.

  33. Mr Rocklyn says:

    Since it’s still a concept you may want to rethink that chrome looking ” hockey stick ” on the side of the car. Sorry but it does not look good.

  34. Senne says:

    Okay so a couple of my thoughts:
    – I certainly need to get used to how the X7 Concept looks from the outside;
    – The front looks very menacing and exactly like a car of this size and audience should look like, the longer I look at it, the more I like it.
    – The side looks a bit like a bigger X5, no? And that’s definitely not a bad thing imo. The only thing I sincerely hope they’ll change is the hockey stick which is simply too big, it draws too much attention to that single design element. Especially because they are some really nice 8 Series-like curves in the side!
    – The rear I do like, but here the air intakes are too big and too upright imo. However I do think these are things that will definitely be toned down for the production version. The lights are not at all Renault-like (someone wrote that). This is MUCH better executed and it’s Renault that stole the light design from other brands. These are typical L-shaped BMW taillights with a very SUBTLE line that connects the 2 lights, which looks really nice and refreshing.
    – The interior is gorgeous. Anyone who would argue that is retarded.
    Overall I think it might look good overall in production version, this is just a design statement. It looks different and draws attention, which is good. Also it looks far better than the Mercedes GLS and that’s kinda the only thing that they should really care about in terms of design (Range Rover looks better though, but I’m not sure that’s as big as the X7/GLS).

  35. DINESH Narayanappa says:

    Terrible, Will be the Only contender for Worlds most ugliest SUV. Hideous

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