Now that the BMW Z4 Roadster Concept was unveiled at Pebble Beach, we can officially start counting the days until the production model will come to market. Scheduled to take place somewhere next year, the unveiling will show us the successor of the appreciated BMW E89 Z4 and we’re hoping the new open top 2-seater will not only look good but also offer a great experience behind the wheel. If the latest spy video of the car is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat.

As it is already quite well known by now, the new Z4 was developed in collaboration with Toyota. With companies having to dedicate increased resources to their EV and PHEV programs lately, money for developing niche models like a 2-seater roadster is getting scarce by the day. That’s why we’re seeing a lot of manufacturers joining forces, and the BMW and Toyota venture will spawn two iconic cars in the end. On the German side we have the Z4 while the Japanese will get a new Supra, both cars sharing an extensive amount of their underpinnings.

According to leaked documents, the Z4 will be available with both manual and automatic gearbox options and the engines under its hood will vary quite a lot, going from entry level versions nobody really wants to the top dog M40i version. It is this latter choice that gets us all giggly all the time as it will use the same 340 HP B58 3-liter straight six engine other M40i models use and it will most likely be a blast to drive.

If the sDrive35is E89 Z4 model is anything to go by, the new roadster will offer a great experience behind the wheel. The video below also seems to show that body roll is kept in check quite nicely, the prototype showcased in the footage clearly staying flat in the bends, despite traveling at considerable velocity. And while the signs are definitely enticing we’ll just have to wait and see how the end product handles once we get to drive the new Z4. Until then, let’s enjoy some tire screeching.