Ever since word got out that BMW and Toyota could be working on a sports car together, the internet has been abuzz over the possibilities. Since then, we’ve learned that the sports car co-project between both brands would eventually spawn the next-gen BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra successor. We’ve also learned that the Toyota will be getting BMW engines and a BMW-sourced automatic transmission. Now, there’s some info that gives us insight into other transmission options.

According to some leaked documents, the upcoming Toyota Supra will not come with a manual transmission. In these documents, we see internal sheets that give some insight into the powertrains of each car’s variant. So it says that the Supra will be available with two different engines, oddly designated in the typical BMW fashion of “30i” and “40i”. Both of those engines will only come with automatic gearboxes, according to this new sheet.

Though, don’t take this as absolute fact just yet. These things can and often do change by the time of production. These documents were actually created months ago and were only leaked now. So there’s a real possibility that certain things have changed since then. Plus, the BMW Z4 Concept hasn’t even been released yet, so both it and the Supra can be subject to change before their release.

It must be said that it would be disappointing if the Supra lacked a manual on release. An automatic is almost sacrilege for Supra fans. It’s extra hurtful for them considering that the Z4 will be available with a manual gearbox. Considering both cars use the same engines, it only makes sense that they could both have manuals.

It’s still entirely possible that it will have a manual transmission by production time but, as of this writing, it seems that it will not.

[Source: Motor1]