We’re fortunate enough, as BMW fans, to get two very pretty concept cars within quick succession of each other. Even more fortunate, still, they’re both two-door sports coupes, proving that BMW intends to keep its sports cars alive. Both of these very pretty concept cars, the BMW 8 Series Concept and the BMW Concept Z4, will be seen at Pebble Beach this weekend. But the question is, which car is prettier?

When we first saw the BMW 8 Series Concept, our jaws dropped. It’s a stunning car and proves that BMW still has some pretty cars left in it. It had all the right styling cues for a big, luxurious, grand-touring coupe. Long hood, short rear deck, sleek silhouette and a proper driving position all make the 8 Series a classic GT car. It’s one of the best looking concepts BMW has made in ages.

As for the BMW Concept Z4, it’s everything we’d want in a BMW roadster. With striking similarity to the 8 Series, the Concept Z4 is low, wide and angry. It, too, has a long hood and short rear deck. The driver seemingly sits on the rear axle. It looks superb. The double-bubble style rear is also fantastic looking. Maybe it’s just me, but the Concept Z4 reminds me of the BMW 328 Hommage Concept from years back.

On the inside, both cars are strikingly similar. Low seating positions occupy driver-oriented cockpits, with similar steering wheels, shift levers and gauge clusters. It’s all very sport, all very high-tech. Yet, at the same time, both cabins seem classic and cool. These designs could have looked good 50 years ago, minus all the tech, obviously.

It’s hard to choose between the two. Though, if I absolutely had to, I’d go for the Concept Z4. And that’s odd because I’m typically not a convertible person. But the double-bubble styling, angry face and sexy taillights all make it very desirable.