The automotive world is buzzing right now due to the recent unveiling of the new BMW M5. The M5 is one of those iconic cars, not only for the German brand but also for the auto industry as a whole. That’s because the BMW Motorsport division basically invented the business athlete segment with the launch of the first M535i model followed by the first ever BMW M5 which forever changed the rule book.

That’s what BMW is highlighting in one of the first promo videos featuring the M5. It all goes back to the DNA infused in this car’s genes and the clip definitely wants you to know that. Kicking things off with a throwback to the BMW M1, you immediately know that people in the marketing department did their homework. The M1 was the original M car before we even had cars like the M3 or the aforementioned M535i.

The first ever M5, based on the E28 5 Series, showcased in the clip after the M1, uses a reworked version of the same M88 engine that powered the only BMW supercar made to date. Since the first M5 was sold both in Europe and in the US, it had to comply with emissions regulations from both continents. Therefore, while the Europeans had the M88 engine at their disposal with 286 PS, the North American customers got their M5s with the S38 engine which had a catalytic convertor on which took the power down to 256 PS.

Nevertheless, the new BMW M5 complies with all the regulations and follows in the footsteps of other great M cars like the most successful model ever to race in the DTM, the E30 M3. BMW definitely wanted to remind us that by featuring a Warsteiner M3 in the short footage posted below.