A large herd of BMW Group vehicles has just been caught testing together in Death Valley. Among the cars in the BMW Group motorcade are the BMW X5 M, Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV, Rolls Royce Phantom, BMW X7, BMW X2, BMW i3S and the BMW M2 CS. So basically all of the brand’s most exciting upcoming cars, all in a line, all wearing camouflage in one location.

These cars seem to be doing some high heat testing on a proving ground in the middle of the desert, where the temperatures were around 117 degrees Fahrenheit (47 degrees Celsius). BMW was probably also testing each car’s performance figures in a straight line. We get to see some of the cars on the road, as some of them pass by and the camera car follows behind them. Whoever is driving the camera car also decides to get out from behind the X2 and cut into the BMW motorcade, right behind the new Phantom.

We’ve seen spy photos of all of these cars before, so seeing them here is nothing new. Still, it’s interesting to see all of them herded together like that, all testing together. Especially considering that these are most of the BMW Group’s most exciting and interesting cars. It’s be cool to know the collective horsepower figure of all of these cars because they’re all quite powerful. Well, except for the i3.

Even the X2 seems to be some sporty variant, as it has larger front air intakes, a lower ride height and more aggressive wheels. So each car here, with the exception of the Rolls Royces, seem to be some sort of performance variant. We’d love to have been a fly on the wall during this group test and check out these awesome cars together. Check out this video and watch the brand’s most exciting upcoming cars drive around together.