While the facelift of the BMW X5 hasn’t even been released yet, though it’s due soon, we’re already looking toward the future of the model and so is BMW. The Bavarians are hard at work on the next generation of BMW X5 and it’s been caught testing quite a bit as of late. In these new photos from Autocar (we don’t own the spy photos), we now get to see that BMW is also working on the next-gen BMW X5 M. Tasty.

Nearby BMW M’s testing center at the Nurburgring, the next-gen BMW X5 M has been caught driving around in heavy camouflage. We can tell that it’s a proper M variant, thanks to its massive quad exhaust pipes, larger wheels and fat tires. It also seems to have enormous front intakes, to channel all the air to that mighty engine. Speaking of engine, the next BMW X5 M will likely come with the same 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 variant that the new F90-gen M5 is getting. So over 600 hp is not out of the question. And the idea of an SUV with over 600 hp is a wonderful one. While everyone is worried about sustainable energy, there will be a massively heavy SUV gulping enough fuel to feed 600 rampaging Bavarian horses.

Upcoming BMW X5 (non-M), as also seen above.

This next-gen BMW X5 will be built on the same CLAR architecture as the current BMW 7 Series, so it will gain quite a lot of lightweight materials, more torsional rigidity and a suite of new technology. We’re not sure if the X5 will gain similar Carbon Core tech as the 7 Series, considering the 5 Series doesn’t have it. However, the new BMW X7 is likely to, as that will soon take the crown as BMW’s flagship SUV.

Either way, it’s exciting to know that BMW is already working on a new X5 M.

[Source: Autocar]