“The Joker” gets a BMW i8 hybrid sportscar

BMW i | August 9th, 2017 by 3
joker bmw i8 08082017 3 830x553

Rene Turrek has made a name for itself in the car industry by creating a long list of wild paint jobs for cars, including a Captain America Ford Mustang and an Iron Man Lamborghini Aventador. Now he turns his attention towards the BMW i8 and designed a psychedelic wrap that plays tribute to the famous “Joker” of DC Comics.

The i8 features Jared Leto’s Joker from “Suicide Squad” right on the hood, surrounded by LED lightning that can be turned on via remote. On the front quarter panels are a bunch of “Ha”s as if the Joker himself graffiti’d the car. The other car panels feature the typical “Joker” cues: spades and skulls.

joker bmw i8 08082017 5 830x553

But The Joker is not the only one getting a supercar, Batman also has its own i8 to fight crime.

You can check out a bunch of images and videos from Turrek’s Facebook page below.

[Source: DuPont Registry]