Every car enthusiast knows exactly which car they’ll buy if/when they ever make it big. Whether it be a Ferrari or Lamborghini or Rolls Royce, they probably have the exact car imagined up in their heads already. So it’s always fun to go on car configurators and build your dream car, to exact specification, especially when that dream car is as customizable as a Rolls Royce Phantom.

Typically, though, online configurators only allow for so much customization. Even BMW’s doesn’t allow for Individual customization. Rolls Royce’s configurator, though, allows for an insane amount of customization and that’s just with the standard options offered by Rolls. Real customers can go so far as to paint the car in any color they see in the world, use any material possible for trims and embroider whatever they want into whatever they want. But, still, this configurator allows for extensive customization.

Being that we’re quite excited about the new Rolls Royce Phantom, I popped on myself and gave customizing my very own Phantom a whirl. It’s really fun and I could get lost in it for hours, as there are that many options. To be honest, I’m not sure I have the energy to type them all. So I’ll let you go online and see for yourself. I will say, though, that it even allows for you to choose the colors of the umbrella, its stitching and its handle. That’s remarkable.

The pictures you see are of the car that I customized myself. I’ve never been known for having the best taste in style (I’d wear Levi’s, a t-shirt and Converse sneakers everyday) but I think this car is damn beautiful. I love the dark tungsten paint with the bright silver roof and chrome grille. It looks powerful and elegant. I also love those wheels. There were flashier wheel options but I like how these look old-school without actually being old-school. Very cool.

On the inside, I chose a Sunset orange with black two-tone interior, lams wool carpets, smoked chestnut wood trim and the cascading metal “gallery”. That last bit is probably the coolest aspect of the new Phantom’s interior. The idea that you have artwork on your dash, sitting behind a piece of glass, on top of the gorgeously-finished wood is awesome. I chose the cascading metal because I felt it brightened up the cabin and gave a real elegance to it. After all, the only three materials that should be in a Rolls are leather, wood and metal.

This is just what I chose but I’m sure you can come up with cooler, more interesting and certainly more stylish combinations. The coolest part about the configurator is that it allows you to take screenshots of your car. So when you’ve created your car, share the screenshots of it here in the comment section.

[Rolls Royce Configurator]