The guys from Impressive Wrap in LA gave the RevoZport BMW M2 Raze a new face earlier this year, thanks to a new wrap. Launched initially for the BMW 1M Coupe, the Raze kit is now being used for its successor, the BMW M2, still offering an eye-catching package for the innocent bystander. The design shaved 60 kg of weight from the 1M by replacing some panels with carbon fiber ones and changing the exhaust into titanium. The performance was staggering on track and it’s even better on the M2.

The BMW M2 is faster, has a wider track-width and more power, so naturally it needs a mean looking aero kit to live up to its performance. This time RevoZport took most of the elements from its predecessor and added even more. At the front, we have a 3 way adjustable front splitter (Street, Sport and Track setup) with cooling vents routing cold air directly to the brake discs. The canards around the front bumper vents area ram more air to the oil cooler and keep the engine cool at all times while the vented hood is proven to extract hot air directly from the radiator.

All of these elements are designed for the purpose of keeping the motor at its optimum temperature during hard driving. On the side, the door sills extend the front part of the rear wheel arch to give the car that muscular fender-flare look that reminds us of a Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6. Towards the back, you will see the GT spoiler designed with a swan neck mount which, in combination with the support mounted on the top of the spoiler blade actually offers better down force than from the bottom.

The last detail, the vented diffuser, is designed not only to provide better grip but also can help vent the heat from the exhaust muffler. To top everything off, performance is also upgraded from the original 370 hp to a whopping 480 hp, thanks to the free-flow lightweight titanium exhaust, ECU and intake system.